4D0X1 Diet Therapy EPR Bullets

Duty Descriptions

- Conducts inpt screenings/multi-meal services; assembles/delivers nourishments/enteral feedings; processes pt menus
- Infection control monitor; prevents/correct deficiencies in stds; ensures compliance w/Public Health/US Food Code

Performance Assessment

- Adapted Training Flt statistical analysis products to monitor unit readiness--reduced exercise findings by 50%
- Assisted in evacuation of 450 pts, delivery of over 40K troops and 5K tons of cargo ISO OIF--1st rate teamwork!
- Assisted in the recovery of 1,500 cargo pallets and 6,000 net sets during deployment to Balad Air Base, Iraq

- Created 1st dietary clinic in 3 yrs; treated top 4 Wg diagnoses/326 jt pts/--strengthened DoD's #1 human weapon sys
- Crushed Jt Advanced Nutrition cert; redesigned meals f/5 Yokota AB schools--provided FDA approved menus f/350

- Deployed in support of OEF as shift supvsr of busiest 48-bed unit in the AOR--led 3 techs and supported 10 nurses
- Deployed twice ISO ENDURING FREEDOM/IRAQI FREEDOM; evac'd 400+ pts, nurses to higher echelon care
- Drove Wg Supplement Safety prgm; taught 39 pt consults/NCO/SNCO PES/66 Amn/13 JASDF--0 YAB abuse cases

- Enforced infection cntrl stds; performed 2 visual surveillance/3 depts--100% sat rt during monthly no-notice PH insps

- Filled IC NCOIC role x1 yr; revamped prgm/insp'd 480 food deliveries/52 checklists--pivotal to TJC 2-yr accreditation

- Gp Patient Safety delegate; conducted PI20 hygiene checks w/100% accuracy--NPSG compliance up 70%

- Led 3 AD/4 JNs/3 summer hires/2 dietitians; mng'd $334K budget/2 clinics/25K meals/HAWC--Sq NCO of the Qtr

- Managed Med Materiel QA Program; reviewed 1000+ food & drug admin suppy recalls--ensured zero pt mishaps

- Organiz'd UFPM pos; created MDG PTL crse/22 new fitness ldrs trained in 5 Sq's--100% completion rate f/235 Amn
- Oversaw Hazardous Materials program; earned “Excellent” rating after 437th Airlift Wing HAZMAT inspection

- Prep'd/delivered 4K therapeutic meals; validated 1.2K complex Dietary Rxs w/ restrictions--secured 99% accuracy rt

- Researched 300+ items using DML supply sys, Universal Data Respiratory db, & vendors--ensured best value
- Revitalized Diet Tech CMRP prgm; ID'd 6 trng discrepancies/track'd 21 items/trn'd 3 mbrs--stats soared 44% to 98%

- Screened 318 inpts f/food sensitivities; ID'd 89 potential life-threatening allergies/used food subs--0 adverse reactions
- Secretary of Med Group NCO council, contributed 100+ man hours to sponsored events, raised over $12K
- Select'd by CFM f/SME posn; developed AFSC Occupational Job Survey--shaped UGT/WAPS f/4D0X1 career field
- Served as flight representative to local orphanage, planned, participated in numerous successful events-ambassador
- Shift ldr f/Cmd's largest MTF; coord'd in-pt diet needs w/40 providers--'16 Sq Amn OTY/'17 USAFE Diet Tech OTY

- Temp base POC for pharmacy/dietary/supply items valued at $500K+ annually--conserved scarce resources
- Trn'd/cert'd AFR ofcr/2 wks; rectified 6 SAV discreps--developed force multiplier/invigorated total force tm concept
- Trn'd/oriented newly assigned mbrs; mentored 5 Amn/3 workcenter roles--boosted section efficiency/flexibility 20%

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