4M0X1 Aerospace Physiology EPR Bullets

Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

- Coordinates classroom tng events; inputs 220 Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training crs/chamber schedules
- Performs hazardous duties as inside observer (IO) on low pressure chamber flights for 441 students & aircrew
- Instructs T-6/-38/-1 aircraft emergency egress procedures for Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training course
- Provides instruction & countermeasures training as a counselor for FTW Aircrew Rotation Training (ART)

- Conducts U-2 pilot launch & recovery ops/4.7K annual flts, insps/maintains 92 survival kits/parachutes ISO HAISR

- Performs FPS depot level inspections/repairs on $37M in eqpmt; ensures safety for U-2 high altitude aircrew/sorties

- Operations Flt Technician; performs launch and recovery duties for higher headquarters-directed U-2 HAISR msns

- Quality control FPS insps; validates compliance of insp work orders--ID's and eliminates safety-of-flt discrepancies

- Maintains 3K eqpmt records; single FPS logistics shipping/receiving point worldwide--spt'd U-2 aircrew/three AORs

- Provides hazardous duty duties as inside observer on hypobaric chamber flights; monitors safe ops for world wide msn

- Inspects/repairs full pressure suit equipment valued at $220K; ensures safe operations f/NASA/U-2 high altitude sorties

- Orders, issues, monitors career development course materials & skill level upgrade training requirements f/new Amn

- Primary trng liaison f/CC; orchestrates 16 CBTs/directs predeployment/upgrade training f/96 personnel/two AFSCs

- Manages Sq ancillary trng; monitors/tracks progress/briefs ldrshp on stats; ensures prsnl msn & deployment readiness

- Supervises UGT for two AFSCs; administers CDC/OJT prgms, briefs CC mthly to ensure on time trng/qualification

- Performs hazardous duty ops as inside observer; assists/monitors aircrew; ensures safe hypoxia familiarization trng

- Provides launch/recovery sortie support for qualification trng & HHQ directed msns; ensures U-2 ISR safety/flt ops

- Manages U-2 QA prgm/116 prsnl/10K eqpmt items; assures TO/AFI compliance/spts 30 ISR acft/113 pilots/3 CCMDs

- Leads AFE prgm dev of internal self inspection checklist/guidelines; ensures process standardization w/QA oversight

- Oversees automated TO system & distribution; coords TCTO/AFTO 22 rqmts & deficiency reports w/HHQ guidance

- Trains, evaluates & certifies AFE prsnl to meet mission standards; IDs/corrects deficiencies and implements changes

- Supervises U-2 launch and recovery crew & operations; manages $2.2M eqpmt inventory ensuring pilot/sortie safety

- FOL supervisor; performs launch and recovery duties for Higher Headquarters--directed several HAISR U-2 msns

- Performs specific oxygen eqpmt calibrations and insps; mx/depot f/ $3.4M in assets to four elements and three FOLs

- Sq Unit Fitness Program Manager; tracks and coordinate fitness testing/schedules & facilitates physical trng sessions

- Performs routine mx/inspections/repairs for U-2 survival kits/personal parachutes; ensures inventory valued at $55M

- Operations Flt Technician; performs launch & recovery duties for higher headquarters-directed HAISR U-2 missions

- Sq Unit Fitness Prgm Manager (UFPM); tracks unit fitness testing/schedules & facilitates physical training sessions

- Performs U-2 specific oxygen eqpmt calibrations/inspections; mx/depot for $3.4M in assets to four elems/three FOLs

Performance Assessment

- Performed IO duties; flew 11 chamber flights/4 hrs/treated 3 med issues--176 students trn'd on altitude threats
- ART counselor; trained 20 student pilots--saved AF $14M in re-tng costs/vital to Wg's 98% return-to-fly rate
- Revamped scheduling continuity binder; updated info for easy guidance/usage--100% compliance to standards
- Instructed 121 hrs; trn'd 274 students in survival--vital to flights 5x "Best Base Org" awards by SUPT classes
- Managed flying status log book; sustained mission capes for 13 prsnl--zero tng delays/safeguarded Wg's #1 msn
- Supervised 8 signal flare demos; zero injuries--prepared 108 student pilots for successful search & rescue ops
- Completed upgrade tng; qual'd in 54 classes/crew positions/115 core tasks in 13 mos--attained 5 skill level
- Attended 2 college crses/earned 7 credit hrs/3.0 GPA towards CCAF; increased knowledge/leadership skills
- Set standards for peers on/off duty; selected by Wg/CC for FTW Amn of the Week award--promote to SrA!
- Mx'd aircrew tng devices; insp'd $1.5K in oxygen equip; zero delays in pilot tng--vital to Wg "Sq of Yr" '14
- Mng'd AOP sched; guided 162 crses/12 instructors--key to Gp "Tm of Yr" '14/rdy for SrA promote BTZ now!

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