AFSC 4V0, Optometry/Ophthalmology Assistants


- Exceptional Ldr! Oversaw 2.4K exams/5K procs/developed CWS/increased appt 5/day--ATC 3 wks abv stnd
- Led top producing/cust srvc flt; created acute walk-in clinic/60 hrs monthly--access now <24hrs/#1/9 PACAF
- Managed #1/10 Gp prim care clinics' in biz plan output; 115% of goal/100% TPC enrolled--recouped $603K
- Stopgap Gp Ed & Trng Mgr/x4 mos; issued 8 CDC sets, sched 10 EOCs exams--#1 of 4 in FW/100% pass rate
- Coord'd 4V lvls w/AF/PACAF CEM; revamped 8 UMD slots/4 MTFs/24 pers--stabilized MAJCOM manning
- Interviewed 47 new pers; determined trng status/CDC enrollment/progression rqmts--completed w/in <30 days
- Instructed 2-day AMBUS crse; led operator trng for 10 medics--enabled transport of 295 pts in OREs/MAREs
- Academic Review Board mbr f/ALS; review'd records/interview'd staff/stdt--equipp'd Commandant f/decision
- UBO Insp; audit'd Third Party/Claims pgms/id'd 6 discrepancies/PIs/154 items--Medical Acct srvs now 100%
- Report of Survey Inv x2; conducted interviews/researched missing equip/$2.5K--found 3/5 items/id'd liability
- Medical Controlled-item Inventory Officer; inspected narcs/destroyed expired/turned-in meds--MDG w/in stds
- Career Practicum Supv; shadowed by HS stdnt 1 year/trn'd Optom career; instill'd real-life lessons for success
- Headed rec review/AMXS deployers; clear'd TDY pers/order'd 40 GMIs/BEPs last min--read'd 115 <3weeks
- Requested by Gp Frontline Exec f/ PDC; taught Bullet Writing/Constructing--mentored Amn career progression
- Certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor; gave 360 hrs instruction--instilled life saving riding practices 27 riders
- Superb example; devot'd to team excellence--Sq SNCO OTQ x2/ NCOs MDG Rock Solid Awd winners twice
- Prepped MDG BTZ eligibles; held mock board/critiqued Q&A/dress & appearance session--2/3 selected SrA


- Pursued Bachelors Sports & Health Science; earned 9 credit hrs--fostered professional growth for peers/Amn
- Upheld Nat'l Cert, Ophthalmic Technician; 18 CEs/achieved by only 1.1% techs--expertise consulted AF-wide
- Completed Sharepoint trng; launched new website/unified 7 committees/published mins--networked info for 64
- Attended Speed Mentoring/Emerging Leadership PDCs; sharpened com/prof attributes--educated 8 Amn/NCOs
- Certified as AFTC Instructor; only 2/12 alt UTMs/led MDG session--10 new trainers poised to execute duties


- Wg Top 3 Comm Coord; distribut'd 26 vol ops/1K inform'd--reinforced prof orgs cohesion/new Mbrshp POC
- MDG Top 4 Schlrshp Cmte POC; updated criteria/advertised/graded submissions--awd'd $300 f/secondary ed
- Sec, lcl pvt org; coord'd 10 events/raised $2.1K/awd'd $1K schlrshp--org contributed $2K to QoL f/MAB/HN
- Chair, Special Olypmics Vol cmte; coord'd 387 JN/USN/USAF vols/Olympians--"Outstanding Event" FW/CC
- Sub-Cmte lead/SNCO Induction Ceremony/AF Ball; Pro-Rata/protocol cmte--exceptional events/1K attendees

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