AFSC 7S0X1 Special Investigations

- Supported det w/6 VIC interviews/2 interrogations/7 leads--100% confession/exceeded cmd timeliness stds
- Coord'd surveillance op at HRU; ID'd tgt add'l misconduct/potential accomplices--fdbk initiated pre-trial rec
- Positively ID'd subject f/ICAC op; enabled UCA to establish contact/evidence collection--facing 10 years jail
- Source ops guru; ID'd 2 CS/facilitated recruitment/focused on tgt <72 hrs--evidence collected/furthered inv
- Mng'd complex death scene; led 12 agents, seized 14 pcs evidence--sr ldrs informed/provided closure f/family
- ID'd $5M fraud scheme; seized altered docs/CS obtained CEO admission--contract terminated w/zero DoD loss
- Navigated complex jt AF resp in >450 mil mbr ID breach; coord'd w/ICON processed 225 leads--ID'd sys leak
- Leveraged CS f/AD tgt; ID'd >12K fraud, gang affiliation, drug/wpn on base--good order & discipline restored

- Guided recovery ops of 2K A-10 parts/$3M; expedited aircraft investigation--DOD completed critical safety inquiries

- Performed NIK narcotics test for 2 drug investigations; established apprehension probable cause--lauded by S2

- Assisted LMR implementation; programmed 50 LMRs--increased Office of Special Investigation C2 capability

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