AFSC 8B100
Military Training Leader
EPR Bullets

Key Duties and Responsibilies

- Appointed by the commander for oversight, administration, guidance & mentorship of non-prior service Amn in trng
- Evaluates stds of conduct, performance and adjustment to military life while applying add'l trng/counseling as req'd
- Enforces 2 AF/AETC policies/procedures essential to safety, security, & risk mgmt for $3.3M dorm campus/24 rooms
- Mngs transitional concerns for >250 AD/AFRC/ANG Amn while being awd'd their 3-lvl as a C-17 APG crew chief

- Responsible for training of 36K AF trainees annually at Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (BEAST)
- Ensures all trainees receive practical application in combat survivability related principles and basic LOAC
- Coordinates SABC, Integrated Defense, Post Attack Response, Chemical Attack and final evaluation exercises
- Supervises 220 trainees wkly on training objectives at 123-acre training compound valued in excess of $33.5M

Primary Additional Duties

- Initiated CSAF housing insp; scrutinized 288 dorm rms/5 bldgs/$21M--ensured health/safety of AFSOC warfighters

- Governed Recruiter Assist Prgm; channeled 80+ troops/960 days spt--advanced AETC FY 14 recruiting goals
- Forged health/morale insp; trained 40 NCOs on process--materialized safe environment for 400+ NPS Amn/yr
- Aced Lackland basic MTL course; #1/13 praised by peers/ldrshp--earned prgm's coveted "Leadership Award"
- Instructed 3 Airman Rope Crses; instilled crit leadership skills into 15--prepped Amn to lead 110+ peers daily

- Direct'd CQ prgm; trnd 20 new Amn on 30 emergency checklist procedures--established security for 589 Amn

- Mng'd NPS PT prgm; tracked/scheduled fit assessments/loaded 100+ scores in AFFMS--over-dues dn by 98%
- Guard/Reserve Exodus POC; processed documents via home units for 182 Amn--100% on-time departure/rtrn
- Org'd ADPE reallocation/turn-in project; reapportioned unused equip to high need areas--returned $75K to AF
- Piloted 19 PT sessions for 370 Amn; pinpointed 7 members for remedial trng--mentored 5 w/in stds <30 days
- Opn'd/tracked >190 ESD tickets; corrected NPS log-in issues/sec clearance delays--saved AF $250 day/Amn
- Led T-shift CQ sfty briefings; ensured entry control/customs & courtesies followed--zero unauthorized entries
- Arranged state flag form; led 50 NPS Airmen in local Mardi Gras parade--praised by City Mayor/TRW CC

- Conducted 360 field trng exercises; mentored/eval'd 4.5K Airman--instilled expeditionary skills/warrior ethos
- Refurbished 20 casualty simulators; provided realistic SABC trng exercises--saved $20K in replacement costs
- Led 800 Amn though "Creating Leaders Amn Warriors" crse; instilled AEF mindset--fostered ldrshp/teamwork
- Scrutinized field trng ops guide; id'd 112 discrepancies--partnered w/Curriculum Development to correct TTPs

Standards Conduct

- Maintained 15 trng facilities; performed daily security checks--safeguarded seven cadre and 200 Amn weekly
- Identified four storm-damaged temper tents; salvaged serviceable parts--saved Air Force $2K in repair costs


- Earned six hrs towards Info Mgmt BA; maintained 3.68 GPA--boosted knowledge base to enhance AF mission
- Completed upgrade training in two weeks; displayed proficiency in 35 OJT tasks--cut normal cert time by 50%

Other Comments

- Supported 3rd annual POW/MIA 24-hr vigil run--nine tracks/7.2K runners/18K miles/$17.5K raised for CFC
- Pred'd site for three tours; AETC/CC, ANG/CCM & Sr Ldr Crse/educated 206 DVs on field trng op--promote!

Additional Raters Comments

- Prepared site for $85K resurfacing proj; mitigated flooding and erosion--improved training & safety conditions
- Overhauled 240 unserviceable kevlar helmets; installed new retention sys--saved $41.7K in replacement costs
- Supported "Ice Sheet" heat mitigation prgm; injuries 52% less than previous yr/saved two lives--promote TSgt

- Hard charger! Professional NCO & MTI; performs well above his current rank--immediately promote to TSgt!


- Conducted 78 room insps; enforced health/wellness of 82 stdnts, $23M facility maintained; Sq/CC coined E-Flt
- Inprocessed 83 BMT grads; dedicated 40 hrs instructing Amn on AF/AETC/local stds; equipped for intel trng
- Supervised 85 formations; ensured 100% accountability of 629 stdnts; key to zero delays in Amn ISR tech trng
- Managed recruiter assistance prgm; processed 90 applications, w/zero deficiencies; turnover rate boosted 50%


- Mentors/supervise/counsels 250 NPS Amn attending DoD's only Defense Information School (DINFOS) per yr
- Develops briefings for all assigned Airmen/enforces strict compliance w/established AF standards/regulations
- Ensures good order/discipline/monitors Airmen's progression through transition pgm and military development
- Prepares/maintains essential reports and records pertaining to student accountability, training and reassignment


- Revived NCOD pgrm; NCOs/SNCOs/Lts began off-hrs dorm visits...stdnts felt ldrs concern--incidents reduced
- Briefed 6 CC calls/prepared 6 Airman of the Month boards; 32 NPS Airman recognized--motivated excellence

- Acquired $5K in QoL items; eqpd rec room w/ games/sport tables-- improved morale/welfare of stdnts beyond reproach

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