8B200/Academy Military Trainer EPR Bullets

- Developed elite ofcrs--4x wg-lvl awds, #1/42 tms f/1st-ever AFA fit comp, 243 merit lists, 3 ENJJPT/5 masters sels
- Mentored 16 cdts on probation; chaired 40+ meetings/broke down performance barriers--returned 14 to good standing
- Oversaw sq feedback pgm; trained 113 cdts on discussion techniques--drastically improved quality of formal feedback
- Detected gaps in security prgm; resolved higher-lvl clearance issues--4 cdts met reqs on-time f/elite Jt immersion ops
- Proven under fire; reprimanded disorderly cdts/removed threat/led investigation--no lull in msn/institutional clean-up
- Crafted plan w/unit leadership in prep for AFA's 1st-ever 'Falcon Frenzy'--10-mbr Sq team earned gold, #1/42 teams
- Bolstered AOC thru 19 probations/5 LORs/Art 15/court-martial--reinforced Sq discipline/invigorated climate for 113
- Led 1st sponsor base trip in 5-yrs; dedicated 40+ hrs planning/mated w/heritage reunion--Grp NCO of Yr, '18 (#1/6)
- Mentored EPEC; dev'd/taught 16hrs NCO PEC/True Colors f/70+ psnl--amplified SNCO/std & discipline perspective
- Led from the front! Helped guide/train unit f/Warrior Weekend challenges--Sq awarded #2/40 Sq's, Fall semester '18

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