8I000/CCIP/Wing Inspections EPR Bullets


- Spt'd UEI Capstone event; coord'd 20 vehicles/104 ATIS-G mtg's/supplies f/1-week insp--smooth ops f/44 inspectors

- Manag'd wing MICT pgms; trn'd 11 prsnl f/crit user roles/rvw'd 376 communicators/109 defs--val'd CCIP pgm health

- Authored MICT template; estab'd wg baseline/drove an "embrace the red" mindset--XXX unit id'd SAC observations

- WIT mbr; trn'd 15 pers on ATSO/inspect'd f/four Wg events--sculpt'd AW wartime readiness/clarifi'd IG sight picture

- Led bi-monthly WIT/SAPM sessions; expanded inspection skill-sets/CPI--fostered positive culture shift for 211 prsnl

- Oversaw wing CCIP/714 pgms; ID'd/tracked 99 observations--enhanced 17 Sq's continuous prcs improvement

- Wg functional prgm mngr; led 56 mbrs/116 assmnts--ID d 22 findings/undetect'd non-compliance f/2 grp CCs

- Conducted 187 FW natural disaster exercise; evaluated 1400 ANG/TFI members response--solidified WG CCIP pgm
- Assessed and re-vamped CCIP; developed exercise/insp planning folders/checklists--improved pgm oversite by 85%
- Led Wg thru 1st ACC/IG UEI "CAPSTONE" Insp; excelled in all four major graded areas--awd'd "Effective" rating
- Identified faulty tech reference on in-progress inspections; submitted 64 AFTO 22s--corrected E-3 fleet discrepancies
- Developed 187 FW IGEMS trng plan; trnd 157 WIT members on correct input procedures--input errors reduced 75%
- Facilitated CDDAR EX; ID'd 3 major areas of improvement to MXG/CC--validated Wg Crash Recovery procedures
- Designed and implemented IGEMS CC's trng pgm; minimized input faults--HHQ deficiency resolution rt down 95%

- Led Gp MICT utilization effort; train'd sq on inspection system/outlined duties-strengthen'd eval process for 50 prnsl

- Instructed Basic Inspector Crs; established evaluation framework/duties/professional stds--24 SME's primed for CCIP
- Executed Active Shooter Ex; stress-tested Wg's readiness/response--id'd five unit shortfalls/provided LL to leadership

- Led 93 WIT to execute CCIP; held 33 meetings/expanded eval skills--reduc'd invalid deficiencies for 3.5K line items
- IGEMS Team Chief; authored 18 post-evaluation CCIP reports--suppli'd senior ldrshp w/150 non-compliant findings
- Cornerstone of MICT trends; id'd deficiencies/149 neglect'd programs--fostered compliance/739+ wg communicators
- Administered five CIMB presentations; created deficiency/trend analysis charts--synthesized CCIP data for 16 cmdrs

- Key player in AFIS; present'd WIT brief/clarifi'd roles/emphasiz'd AFRC guidance--increas'd knowledge for 33 prnsl
- Support'd host-wing CONDOR CREST Ex; coord'd static aircraft/scenario development/WIT prsnl--enrich'd alliance

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