AFSC 9U100 Unallotted EPR Bullets

- Isolated U-2 rcv link fault; installed omni-directional antenna/re-est auto acquire cape--facilitated 42 flt hrs/1K trgts
- Led 5-mbr team joint tactical terminal radio/pwr supply u/g; enabled prime IFF link--spt'd 140 analysts/1.3K msns
- Amended two supply accts; inspected/builtup 80 items/$8.5M--equiped 2 ACC UTC assets for deployment in <1 mo
- Hand selected for Quality Assurance staff; fully qual'd in one week--challenge/increase responsibility--promote now!
- Engineered remote radio station; elim'd 50 sq/mi-10 y/o RF deadzone--lauded 56 FW Information Dominance award
- Conducted Unit MICT eval; val'd 43 checklists/identified 430 deficiencies from 2793 inspection items--Sq CUI ready
- Group VCO; performed preventative maintenance/cleanings/inspections for 10 vehicles--achieved zero mx down time

- Revamped UTC LOGDET; inventoried 179K lbs/$7M of assets--armed CCDRs w/warfighting capabilities in <72 hrs
- Performed depot level component repair of $285K ISR node, isolated wiring faults--enabled downlink/75 U-2 sorties
- Directed 138 PMIs/15 un-scheduled mx actions; contributed to DGS-2's 99.8% avail rate--garnered Unit team award
- Vol'd Voting Assistance Officer; aided 1.2K voters, trained Amn/Civ during POTUS election--fulfilled SecDef prgm
- Advanced professional education; graduated Agile Team Management/NCOA--increased leadership/supervisory skill
- Chaperoned Harvest Fest event; monitored/carny'd games for children--event enjoyed by >300 base/family members

- Security-focused NCO; watchfully escorted 15 uncleared contractors on base; mitigated all security violations

- Superior Security Escort; continuously raised bar/set standard--guaranteed 1400+ personnel Force Protection

- Assisted VNCO; ensured vehicles were clean/serviceable--resulted in 100% pass rate during Wing inspection

- Monitored construction of $595K POL security wall; ensured 3.2M gals mission essential jet fuel protected

- Protected the building of $2M network control center/telecom switch allowing network capability AOR-wide

- Vigilantly monitored TCNs during $879K Engine Run-Up Pad project; efforts ensured 100% airfield security

- Spearheaded workcenter self help and beautification projects--enhanced appearance/eliminated safety hazards


- Regularly participated in ESVS sponsored fitness activities; enhanced esprit de corps among deployed airman

- Career oriented; pursued CCAF degree through CLEP examination--awarded 9 credits/one class short of goal

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