GPC EPR bullet examples

Duty Description

- Primary Gov Cardholder; tracks $15K o/supplies, conference fees, & IT equipment per FAR supporting 4 directorates

Performance Assessment

- Primary sqdn GPC holder; processed 52 requests f/12 sections/tracked & secured $53K transactions--key to ops success

- ACC GPC cardholder; $25K+ in critical deployment equip purchased--22 members met AOR RIs 1 mo in advance

- Accomplished web-based GPC course; managed multiple accounts--100% accurate/supported 153-person staff

- Broadened sq GPC education; trained five personnel from four sections--increased program efficiency 25%

- Chaired RAPCON GPC prgm; mng'd $75K annual budget/20 purch--enhanced QoL f/56/longevity of $14.5M ATC fac

- Flawless accounting! Executed $5K GPC account for division...file system/documentation tracked every penny

- Flt GPC card holder; secured/tracked $27K in critical assets/68 trans...zero discpreps during Wg's AS/"Sets Standard"

- Flying GPC Account Holder; accomplishing purchase of >$14,400, FY16--ensuring continued mission success

- GPC approving official; managed four cardholders/412 core requirements--$219K O&M, all msn's executed

- GPC approving official; tracked/managed $203K budget--enabled flt to continue quality service to 8,500 mbrs

- Led 2 GPC accts/DTS/GTC pgm mngr; spent $100K GWOT funds/correc'd 41 payment issues--recouped $16K to Wg

- Managed $89K GPC budget as AAO; controlled four accounts--executed over 43 purchases/on-time approvals

- Managed GPC pgm; processed 3.1K ($1M) in veh parts rqmts--sustained .9% not-mission-capable supply rate

- Managed GPC prgm; purchased $254K equipment/supplies--zero errors in FY '13 surveillance--MSgt ready

- Managed largest GPC pgm in Wg; oversaw 62 accounts/$2.2M spent--continued Sq's "Outstanding" audit rating

- Managed seven GPC accounts; controlled $500K budget...earned outstanding results w/ zero findings wg audit

- Mng'd $9.5K PDC budget; enforced fiscal readiness f/2 wk ctrs/5 mbrs--0 misappropriations noted in AFLCMC SAV

- Mng'd FY20 det budget/finalized EOY closeout; guided $25K VOSIP equip buy--elim'd single pt of failure/SVRO prgm

- Orchestrated 100 sqdn/flt GPC purchases; sourced/utilized alternate vendors--saved $7K in expenditures

- Oversaw GPC/DTS prgm; validated 87 travel orders/GPC purchases--enforced policies/kept sr ldrs abreast of trends

- Processed 360 GPC requests/$347K in eqpmt; rated "Outstanding" during 60 CON audit...vital to wg AFOUA

- Rectified GPC acct shortfall; aided 6 flts/$307K purchased/108 transactions--equipped 7 deplymts/11 TDYs/13 CTKs

- Reviewed $3M in 26 GPC and 25 Form 9 request, averted duplication of svcs--saved $200k in gov't resources

- Selected as GPC holder; budgeted $25K account--enabled 12 purchases for 355 MXG and six staff members

- Skilled GPC holder; procured $180K cold wx gear/supplies--prepped 57 Amn for -50 temps/8 flts poised msn success

- Steered section's FY15 spend plan/EOY close-out; procured $105K vital tools/consumables--zero acft mx stoppage

- Trusted Sq GPC holder; proc'd 174 requests f/5 sections--procured $117K in assets/ISO HAR msns/zero EOY discrep's

- Trustworthy fiscal agent; mng's $100K AMU budget/maintains supplies/prsnl initial issue--GPC pgm on track

- Trustworthy fiscal agent; mng's $100K veh maint budget/maintains supplies/prsnl initial issue--GPC pgm on track

- Updated consumable purchase data; added 13 high-use items to stock listing--saved wing $20K GPC annually

- Validated expiring BPAs/$600K; coord 12 renewals--slashed add'l 23% GPC orders & thwarted 192 man-hrs

- Vigilance over GPC program; amended $3k in unjust transactions--stabilized purchase card for FY12 closeout

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