Human Resource Management EPR Bullets

- Led island-wide HR wrkng gp; guid'd 11 topics/best practices/adapted fingerprint process--reduced LOSS f/child care
- Helmed OPF audit f/2 GSUs; rvw'd 38 records/fixed 401(k)/post allowance/7 crit errors--sec'd $20K lost entitlements
- Guided DCHRMS trans; scrutinized 38 files/rev'd 1.2K codes/fixed 41 errors/rebuilt 6 folders--A1/KC ID'd 0 discreps
- Drove mthly virtual trng; authored rotational sessions/lesson pln f/15 vital prgms--upheld dvlpmt f/22 leaders/3 GSUs
- HRM f/Menwith Hill; est'd physicals w/lcl clinic/$3.2K fingerprint sys--averted new hire travel to Wg base/290 miles
- Linchpin for 9 HR functions across 3 GSU's; on-boarded 12 staff for 13 NAF facilities--key to $1.7M for 2 MWRFs
- Scrutinized payroll reports; ID'd 3 crit errors/fixed 96-hrs comp-time--avoided loss of 48-hrs TOA/105 hrs leave/$864
- Obtained OPM suitability cert/40-hrs; ran 17 fitness reviews/locally adjudicated 5 mbrs--expedited CDC staffing req's
- Sole fingerprint ctr in lockdown; serviced 24 Jt mbrs f/clearance upgrades--spt'd 404 DoD Sites/501st CSW/CV coined

- Greenbelt trained/36 hrs; utilized tools/coord'd CPI w/CSS f/21 prsnl prgms--addressed 10 critical disservice elements
- Launched NAF restructure; realigned 7 positions/1 BBA/flexed work schedule--reduced labor costs/overtime by 86%
- Headed "Movie at the Track"; mng'd $9K/28 vols/6 contracts IAW COVID rules--hailed by 315 /422 ABG/CC coined
- Mng'd NAF pro-dvlpmnt; synced w/AFSVC f/85 trng slots/$5275 budget--received 252 trng hrs/advanced HRM cert
- Piloted 2 virtual book clubs; led 36 sessions/120 hrs/80 talking pts--shaped ldrshp skills f/12 mil/civ during lockdown
- Stepped out of duty scope; sync'd w/RAFL f/ServSafe cert/trn'd 4 food mngrs--closed-out 2 yr long IGEMS write-up

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