Hurricane/Storm Prep EPR Bullets

Hurricane/Storm -Government

- Demonstrated teamwork; volunteered for JOC duty during Hurricane Harvey--freed up LNOs to perform DomOps C2

- Evac'd 10 acft to 2 bases due to Hurricane Isaac; led ops at McGhee Tyson--ensured safety of $550M in assets

- Supervised $24.9M roof repair/installs; refurbished 28 facilities--rectified storm damage/extended bldg lives 20-years

- Rushed $7.34k CEG storm-damaged trailer kt; 5 days from PR to delivery--minimal loss to CER response msn

- Coordinated storm damage response; mngd repair team on downed power line--restored 112 facilities to MSC

- Assisted deployed typhoon prep tm; anchored/safed E-8C primary msn radome--prevented dmg to $1.4M asset

- Drove flt Hurricane Earl evacuation prep; dispersed/sheltered 656 assets $32M--safeguarded 35 F-15E/$1.5B

- Secured GRDC in prep of Hurricane Irene; averted potential eqpmt damage/loss--safeguarded $20M CR assets

- Led 5 mbr Hurricane Irene prep tm; prep'd bare base UTC & moved 47 cgo tons <12 hrs; rdy Wg for emer resp

- Prep'd warehouse/storage lot for hurricane; averted $20M potential eqpmt damage/loss--promote immediately

- Expedited $55M acft from Hurricane Isaac danger zone w/<24 hrs notice--protected critically limited AF asset

- Evac'd 10 acft to 2 bases due to Hurricane Isaac; led ops at McGhee Tyson--ensured safety of $550M in assets

- Exceptional results; overhauled Sq emergency mgmt checklists--prepared mbrs for hurricanes/natural disasters

- Instrumental to Typhoon Negouri evac; launched acft/20 pers to Osan AB--protected $365M assets...promote!

- Scrubbed Sq hurricane database; validated 120 mbrs information--all updated/prep'd for emergency evacuation

- Bench-mark leader; managed comm-out roster/assisted with recall--100% accountability for Sq hurricane evac

- Managed acft hurricane evac sched; coord'd w/HHQ--ensured survival of 16 acft & seamless RNC security spt

- Led 4 mbr tm loading 12K lbs ego for wx evac; enabled on-time launch of 10 Wg assets--no HQ capability lost

- Sheltered 116 pieces of AGE during typhoon Ting Ting; completed in 8 hours--certain damage to AGE averted

- Participated Hurricane Irene prep; 34K sandbags/680 cargo tons/130 man hrs--secured $580M assets/8 F-22s

- Executed JBLM alft resp to Hurricane Sandy; 637 short tons/69 vehs del'd to disaster area--aided 50M prsnl

- Planned three hurricane evacuations; moved 2K pers/458 S/T/104 a/c--secured combat readiness/pers safety

- Relocated 112 pieces of AGE prior to typhoon Kong-Rey; protected $1.2M assets--insured continued readiness

- Flawless notification/reporting capability for Hurricane Ivan evac/recovery contributed to zero injuries

- Key to Hurricane Isaac prep's; tracked/logged mx actions/evac of 15 acft--averted potential fleetwide damage

- Led tm of 6 configuring 10 acft for wx evac; enabled launch of all Wg assets in <24 hrs--no HQ capability lost

- Flawless typhoon evac; spt'd safe evac three bases, bed-down 51 acft/200 psnl--safed $1.7B PACOM assets

- Prep'd for Japan's typhoon evacuation; aided acft launch to Osan AB--protected $365M assets/spt'd 5 msn ops

- Evacuated B-52's prior typhoon Kong-Rey--six $84M a/c launched/525 pieces of equipment sheltered 8 hours

Hurricane/Storm -Community

- Vol'd 18 hrs at Rapid City Softball Complex--removed storm debris/safed fields for 201 teams/2.2K players

- Hurricane Irene prep tm mbr; filled & secured 5K gal fuel/2K gal water bladders--Wg rdy for 12 hr emer resp

- Life saver; donated two pints of blood to the American Red Cross--facilitated Hurricane Sandy medical relief

- Supported Hurricane Gustav disaster relief in Louisiana; removed debris/branches--helped community in need

- Deployed in support of Hurricane Ike relief efforts; safely moved, delivered 200 pax/250 tons of cargo

- Spt'd urgent sch changes; 2 C-17s dispatched for Philippine relief--131 msns/2.6M vital aid/3.2K pers evac'd

- Deployed to Chuuk Island to support the relief efforts of typhoon devastated Federated States of Micronesia


- Responded to catastrophic flood; acquired alternate storage means f/2.1K lbs equip--averted destruction to $40K assets

- Supported flood efforts; volunteered 16 hrs to sandbag central/Burke Addition--Wg lauded for community svc

- Headed HURCON # contingent; led 5 man-tm w/canal mx & removed #K lbs debri--secured flood threat f/$3B assets

- Responded to base flood crisis; insp'd 11 AAFES/DeCA facilities--salvaged $5K assets/restored ops<72 hrs

- Assisted food bank relocation during Minot '11 flood; 40K lbs removed--vital community services kept intact

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