Medical EPR/OPR Bullet Examples

- Recov'd 1st INDOPACOM/SOUTHCOM TIS/NPC msn; decon'd $2.2M assets/5 man hrs--regenerated asset f/redeploy

- Enabled ## visits/## telehealth; assist providers w/screening/procedures/medication admin--sec'd 95.9% med rdy rt

- Answered the call; stood up 107th vaccine clinic; vol'd f/Operation Inoculation--2K+ SM's/civs vaccinat'd/fit to fight

- MICT validating officer for BOMC program; 25-45 PHA's appraised each UTA for WWD--85% in good standings
- Self starter, ID'd a need to save 307MDS money/time; insulated 50% of buildings HVAC's--incrs'd efficient cooling
- Conformed to CDC Covid-19 safety guidelines; social distanced N95 mask--decreased chance of Covid-19 outbreak
- Oversaw Covid-19 inoculation process during UTA's; well ordered/available to 1150 personel--318 completed series
- Team player; OIC for the 307th BW 2019 satellite facility; 1150 airman flu vaccinated--ensured mission readiness
- Outstanding clinical ability; ensures rapid assessment and evaluation of 1200+ Airman's health during PHA process
- Vol'd Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Air Show; surveyed 50K patrons during AS for heat exhaustion--enhanced PR

- Optimized clinic ops; upped workload 10% despite 33% manning cut--performed 217 exams/zero patient disruptions
- Section equip custodian; renewed $1600 s/w contract/$36K source replacement--ensured uninterrupted dose tracking
- Overcame reception staffing deficit; coord'd 1K procedures/spt'd 5 speciality depts--ensured seamless ops in 2wk gap
- Mng'd $250K med supply plan; secured yearly funding/ensured section adequately supplied--sustained msn velocity
- Created 13 NM protocols; merged 3 s/w interfaces/cut processing time 5 minutes--enabled 862 pt exams/saved 71 hrs
- Trained med physicist/four peers; updated qrtly QC records--zero findings/awd'd AF Insp Agency "Compliant" rating
- Altered NM diagnosis speed; re-routed sys images from device to MD workstation--cut 5 hrs per week for radiologist
- Directed $710 s/w renewal/upgrade; calculated 673 doses--administered $134K in radiopharmacuticals w/zero errors

- Supervised IBT program and trained 8 new techs--rank'd #1/10 AETC f/immunizations/overshadow'd #2 base by 5%

- Led $689K equip refresh; ID'd $5.4M contract error/rebutted w/AFMOA--sped up PACAF install by 1 yr to 9 MTFs

- Avert'd blood product loss; spt'd transport & storage w/USNH--sav'd 267 units/fwd'd to ROK/PACAF TC Hero OTM

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