41A Healthcare Administrator

Duty Description

- Directs health service support activities, outpatient services, and medical records inventory to support 124 FW
- Critical member of administrative team, provides leadership and administrative support to 111 MDG
- Coordinates with commanders on medical issues concerning manning, operating and individual medical readiness


- Actively participated with the ???th CGO committee; devised new strategies--enhanced leadership capabilities

- Planned AE rqmts for multinat'l CS 2018 exercise; established AE objectives; improved Ukraine/NATO cooperation
- Negotiated w/USAFE/Ukr AF; sourced staff/$325K resources/facilities; planned first-ever US/Ukr AE ACLS trng
- Attended MRMC & MRDSS Admin trng; met RO rqmts; ensured SQ/CC readiness program continued compliance
- Dev new guides/trnd 5 staff; 100% mnthly MRDSS Back-up/RMC reporting; imp oversight/off-line msn capability
- Developed/implemented new SQ LLP; 90% reduction in outstanding AARs; facilitated SQ improvement initiatives
- Analyzed/reported: 90+ readiness trng events; 70+ mbrs met enabler rqmts; SQ complied w/full spectrum readiness

- Managed 50 mbrs/$6.7M equip/Asst OIC/AM/CS exercise; 60+hrs flight/ground trng; 100% syndicate objs achieved
- Provided AE oversight First-ever Ukr AE ACLS trng; 9 Ukr AE certified; improved NATO/Ukr AE interoperability
- Negotiated/finalized lodging terms w/Ukr hotel for CS exer; secured lodging for 66 mbrs; 55% savings of auth funds
- Rising star; fully engaged in squadron, RO for recent AEF deployment & multiple exers, must continue to challenge

- PS 2019 exercise AELT MSC; coordinated 57 pt movement requests between Army-TAES; 100% pts evacuated
- Bolstered WAMC 700 PS 19 exercise players, proved WAMC EM abilities; achieved 3 Joint Commission objectives
- Represented 146AW at CS18 AAC, discussed AM/AE OILL, developed action plans; imp Ukr/NATO cooperation
- Conducted 3-day AEOT/ARM trng exer; 23 AE members completed 24 trng hrs; achieved AE readiness objectives
- Identified AE training requirement error in MRDSS; reported to NGB/MRDSS; event removed/reduced trng burden
- RO oversight 15 deployments; met AEF, FHA/CMO, ICMOP, IRT, DSCA, exers taskings; supported global AE ops
- Managed 2 AE UTCs/$250k equip/PS exer; trained 15 EOC/10 PAD personnel DSCA ops; 100% METS achieved
- Coord w/USAFE/Ukr AE--fix $350k Ukr AE equip; provided short&long term solution; dev Ukr AE med mx prog
- Developed AE concepts for multinat l CS 2020 exer; established goals; supported ongoing Ukr/NATO cooperation
- Created new 3year SQ training plan template; scheduled 90+ readiness training events; facilitated SQ annual training

- Proficient leader, as OIC of CSS, effectively managed UTA, & oversight of OJT program for 80+ auth'd personnel
- Lauded for oversight of benchmark New Member assignment/orientation program; is currently developing programs
to streamline Organization Chart review, and reorganization/delivery of Executive Management Committee meeting
- Attended & passed Reserve Commissioned Officer Training (RCOT) course; Currently on-track scheduled to attend
Health Services Administration course within the time prescribed to validate himself as a fully qualified MSC officer
- Serves as the Squadron Executive Officer (additional duty) while maintaining excellence in all other assigned duties
- Recognized key manager and leader in the execution of the mission of the 146th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
- His strong management, leadership, & people skills are validated by his outstanding staff work, results, & reputation
- Proven performer who can juggle a multitude of executive assignments and provide high level of accomplishments
- Sets the example! Exemplifies the leadership and managerial qualities that qualify him for increased responsibilities

- Attended and graduated HSA course; validated himself as a fully qualified MSC officer proficient in medical
readiness & planning, health plan management, medical logistics & facilities, resources mgmt, & information services
- Outstanding leader as Officer in Charge of the Operations Support Section; provided administrative oversight and
support for the deployment of 13 Squadron personnel in support of Operation Freedom's Sentinel; zero discrepancies
- Training advocate, coordinated with AER NCOICs to overcome training resource barriers; UGT completed on time
- Clearly demonstrates capability to assume greater duties and responsibilities; working at higher level than his rank
- Outstanding in executing duties of Executive Officer; Uncanny ability to effect the mission resulting in msn success
- Possesses excellent management, leadership, mentorship, and organizational skill; works with high level of precision
- Outstanding Officer, forward thinker, determined, knowledgeable, enthusiasm, and strives for constant improvement
- Confident and extremely capable of assuming the duties and responsibilities at a level greater than his current rank

- Led coordination between Fairchild AFB Army & AF medical & aerial port svcs supporting Mobility Guardian 2017
-- 192 patients moved by mixed int'l Aeromedical Evacuation crews, improved DOD and global coalition capabilities
- Effectively managed CSS requirements for 100+ AES personnel supporting 12 UTAs, 6 exercises, and 146AW UEI
-- Improved 146AES readiness to support the 146AW peacetime and wartime missions;zero UEI discrepancy findings
- Squadron Executive Officer; managed CC administrative functions and Executive Management Committee program
- Proven performer & outstanding leader; recommended for additional challenges such as Medical Readiness Officer
- Mobility Guardian 2017 AELT MSC; provided early entry, humanitarian relief, and hostile environment AE support
-- Executed 19 AE missions; demonstrated AMC/CC's Rapid Global Mobility Vision and achieved CSAF priorities
- "Go-to" resource for AE/CC; ensured CSS MICT checklists assessed; zero AE discrepancies identified in 2017 UEI
- Consistently exhibits excellent leadership and management abilities; ready to assume greater responsibilities today!

- Drove annual AD audit; instr'd 3 amn/survey'd charts/tracking f/3.5 rcds--found 195 rcds/crushed previous audit/15%
- Championed PRT transition; led 4 mbrs/labelled/corrected 900 rcds--ensur'd pt safety/critical migration/f 5.3k records
- Superior RMC Lead; oversaw 2 techs/2890 referrals/w/66% staffing--sustain'd 100% closure rate/$1.8 mil patient care
- Obtained MedicX cert; perform'd 36 hrs COVID testing/retrieved 31 specimens--avoid'd referal costs/recouped $3.8k

- Worked Wing DDRP/40 hrs; validated 112 sample collections/0 untestable--enforced AF zero tolerance policy

- Managed MDG Voting pgm; facilitat'd absentee voting prcs--advis'd 297 personnel/bolstered poll #'s/30 states

- Standardiz'd MDG x-ray technique chart; improved PCM ordering accuracy--ensured image consistency/2K pts
- Directed Flight Safety pgm; provid'd 12 workcenter brfs/spot insps--drove 100% OSHA compliance/0 mishaps
- Scruntiniz'd 109 Gp DTS vouchers; assur'd 100% accuracy/correct routing--account'd for $225K in TDY funds
- Spt'd Pharmacy msn/devot'd 90 hrs; mitigat'd mnpwr crisis--seamless for 66K beneficiaries/enabled 4K scripts

- Pivotal to saving over $200K; overhauled 2 medical contracts totaling $560K; eliminated 4 unnecessary FTEs

- Authored 4 Medical Contingency Response Plan annexes; ensured clear guidance during emergency situations

- MCC Team Chief; critical to "Excellent" on NSI--ensured 100% comm to leadership for 14 wing exercises

- Managed ops for 10 Wing exercises/air show; ensured all MDG requirements met; nailed first CORI in 10 years!

- Initiated first-ever NDMS joint/fed FTX with VA/DHS/local emerg svs; ensured statewide patient evac capability

- Directed MDG ops in 18 wing exercises incl first CORE Phase II in >10 years; lauded by BW/CC as "Exceptional"

- Led streamlining of 21 MDG UTCs to 10; balanced MDG in-garrison/deployment msn to align w/AFMS goals

- Supervised deployment of 38 MDG members; ensured timely backfill of OEF--wing SAV noted zero discrepancies

- Oversaw HSMR program with >$2M inventory; assured > 95% msn readiness despite Continuing Resolution

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