AFSC 43H Public Health

See also: AFSC 4E0X1, Public Health Performance Report Examples

- Led Public Health tm/6 NCOs/1 Amn; oversaw FHM pgms/COVID ops; track'd 2.5K rqmts--boosted OH rdy rate >98%
- Mng'd Hearing pgm; coord'd Jt-svc referrals/eval'd 467 mbrs/boosted rt to 99%--#1 AMC stats/NCO coined by Sq/CC
- Guided Wg dplymnt ops; coord'd 1.2K rqmts/cleared 148 dplyrs; sync'd 18 units w/7 clinics--qual'd 14 taskings/5 AORs
- Forged Jt-svc partnership; sparked MOA revision/mobilized Army trng--tackled 11-yr deficits/augmented 50 core tasks
- Revived COVID countermeasures; dvlp'd guidance/streamlined tracing ops/brf'd TM ldrs--ID'd 306 cases/spt'd 17 units

- Engineer'd 3 virtual plfrms f/COVID ops; trn'd 71 medics/awd'd 5.5K credits/$89K value--recoup'd $96K TDY costs
- Readiness ldr; link'd 230 infection cntrl staff/currency/deployment availability in role--eqp'd 30 prsnl f/3 AORs' msn
- BNR industry pro f/university webinar; coord'd 20 stdnts/instr'd hi disinfection--up'd safe pracs f/1/10 cost/svd $27K
- Top select f/mil university guest spkr; brief'd 8 grad researchers on infection modes--dlvr'd $6.4K ed/adv'd best pracs

- Gp SME sel f/disease mitigation; creat'd/pub'd COVID guide--enabl'd coast to coast ops f/3 GSUs/17 sites/15K mbrs
- Interim Flt/CC x2 wks; brf'd Gp/Sq/CCs/clear'd 2 tskrs/secur'd crit eqpmt--adv'd ldrshp f/9 crses/9 staff/$8.2M budget

- Provided public health info to deployers; proc & ensured over 75 mbrs were med cleared through pre-deployment line

- Developed quality control cklst; prepped Public Health flt f/NCO shortage--MAJCOM SAV ID'd nine best practices

- Guided Occupational Health pgm; validated 427 hazardous controls/completed 266 exams--saved AF $189K

- IDed 3 base food facility hygiene failures; re-educated all LN food workers; protected 5K base psnl from FBI

- Directed IMR/OH/MEH prgms; coordinated between 12 sqs/3 GSUs/1 tenant unit--all 3 prgms rated #1 in AF

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