AFSC 46FX Flight Nurse OPR Bullets

- Dedicated AOIC of ACT! Develop'd and manag'd ACT trng prgms; updated CC on training status of unit members
- Exceptional FI! Great teaching aptitude; utilizes and applies AE expertise & skills to mentor inexperienced AECMs
- Revived data tracking; re-instituted msn mgmt program to trend data - shortfalls id'd f/ steering direction of training
- Team player! Established complete and thorough turn over to deploy'd crews; maintain'd continuity f/Pt Safety prgm
- Educator; maintains and conducts training on MCC program for sdrn; ensures MCC's provide effective training msns
- Excellent leader! Directed medical aircrew trng section; unit maintained currency, focused, ready to Fly/Fight/Win

- Adept advisor; guidance given to five junior officers on career development--enhanced advancement & AF retention

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