Prisoner Escort/SP Augmentee EPR Bullets

- Handpicked for prisoner escort duty; escorted detainee & alleviated SF burden--ensured safe, timely court processing

- Handpicked for prisoner escort trng; ensured safe prisoner processing & transport...decreased demand on 633rd SFS

- Handpicked for prisoner escort duties--ensured timely prisoner processing--alleviated security forces burden

- Augmented SF during 72 day rotation--allowed full SF deployment--enabled support of worldwide operations

- Responded to 9-1-1 call--controlled emergency situation--provided medical team rapid access to choking baby

- Deployed to secure T-37 crash site for FAA investigation team--prevented loss of valuable/critical evidence

- Valuable team player--performed as Security Forces augmentee--allowed support of worldwide operations

- Exemplified highest values-performed prisoner escort duties--ensured safe/timely prisoner processing

- Valuable team player--performed as Security Police augmentee--allowed full support of worldwide operations

- Deployed/retrieved two AWOL personnel--coordinated prisoner transfer--ensured safe/timely return to SAFB

- Attended Homeland Security Summit--increased awareness of threats--educated personne/increased vigilance

- Solved FPCON shortfalls--acquired force protection barriers at no cost to government--saved SF over $25K

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