Retreat/Change of Command EPR Bullets

Retreat Ceremony

- Booster club treasurer/Veteran's Day retreat ceremony ldr; $1.6K acct mgr/led flag detail/3 Amn--honor to US heroes

- Hand-selected to lead Veteran's Day retreat flag ceremony; led 3 Amn/exemplified heritage--honor to American Vets

- Guided three sq prsnl in retreat flag detail; executed movements with precision--advocated AF heritage and traditions

- Led three flt mbrs in retreat flag detail; executed movements with precision--upheld AF heritage and traditions

- Participant for wing retreat ceremony; event attended by 1000+--preserved/upheld time honored traditions

- Represented Fabrication Flight in SQ retreat ceremony; exemplified AF heritage--bolstered SQ esprit de corps

- Sharp military image as formation mbr during 89 ASG Wing Retreat; professional impression on all attending

- Handpicked to lead; chosen as NCOD for two WG flag folding/retreat ceremonies--DLT professional exemplar

- Volunteered for ***th Group retreat ceremony--displayed true example of military bearing and excellence

- Volunteered two hours for ALS retreat ceremony; demonstrated customs/courtesies--bolstered esprit de corps

- Patriot; volunteered to represent MXS at wing retreat ceremony--demonstrated pride in country/esprit de corps

- Embodied AF tradition; participated in ALS retreat ceremony--demonstrated professionalism/esprit de corps

- Devoted to Profession of Arms; volunteered for Whiteman ALS Retreat Ceremony--promoted esprit de corps

- Enthusiastic volunteer; participated in sq retreat ceremony--honored our fallen comrades/paid respect to flag

- Patriotic NCO; participated in 2 MG retreat ceremony--represented AGE flight and 2 MXS in positive light

- True professional! 380 AEW Memorial day retreat key player; render'd honor/respect to fallen heroes/POWs

Change of Command

- Projo'd sq CoC ceremony; dir'd 14 key posits/coord'd w/6 orgs/hosted 92 guests...laud'd for flawless execution

- Chaired MDG CoC; led 98 prsnl/60 mbr formation--lauded by 99 ABW/CC & 57 Wg/CC f/flawless execution

- Co-chaired 99 IPTS CoC; dir'd 42 prsnl/20 mbr formation; lauded by MDG/CC & ABW/CC--promote to TSgt!

- Team oriented; helped set-up & tear down stage at unit change of command ceremony--lauded by 51 LRS/CC

- Puts others first; received praise for ceremonial spt during 459 AASTS CoC ceremony; ceremonial work-horse

- Participated in Sq/CC CoC setup/teardown; positive first impression of Sq for new CC-event 100% success

- 1 of 2 proj ofcr f/MDG/CC CoC; org'd 30 mbrs/emceed ceremony--lauded by Wg CC's for flawless execution

- Volunteered as flight commander for group change of command ceremony--ensured traditions were respected

Retirement Ceremonies

- Sup'd military heritage; emceed promotion ceremony/setup retirement ceremony--upheld time honored traditions

- Cmte mbr; devlp'd pgm f/MDG 1st Sgt retirement ceremony; upheld mil tradition/honors--event lauded by CC

- Spearheaded Law Office Sup't retirement ceremony -- 20 yrs service properly recognized...mbr/family grateful

- Folded/delivered flag at SNCO retirement ceremony; precisely executed--commemorated member's service

- Led flt NCOIC retirement ceremony; ensured all venues were 100% set/ready--lauded by Flt/CC for superb job

- Led setup/teardown for SNCO retirement; 75 attendees...professional ceremony honored 24+ years of service

- Consummate professional--proffered retirement ceremony; sq retreat ceremony flight mbr--honored AF customs

Award/Promotion Ceremonies

- Led annual awd ceremony 4 mbr set-up tm; coord'd refreshment svcs--15 prsnl honored/event lauded by Gp/CC

- Supports military tradition; performed proffer duties for 58 SOW promotion ceremony--18 airmen recognized

- SNCO Induction cmte mbr; led ceremony decor/forged 6 Amn/12 hrs--bridged 22 inductees to top tier grades

- Active Network 56 member; led two cmtes; devoted 14 hrs f/Wg's SNCO recognition ceremony--42 honorees

- Wg Top 3 committee member; coordinated & led two qtrly awd ceremonies...recognized 76 wg awd recipients


- Wg/Sq involvement; BAC Secretary/Wg CC CoC/Pres dorm; MXS picnic/fitness day/Thanksgiving Day feast

- Organized logistics for annual Camellia Gardens Ceremony; honored 51 fallen heroes--lauded by 78 ABW/CC

- Safeguarded trans for AF Birthday ceremony; preserved tradition--50 DVs attended/event enjoyed by 700 Amn

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