Team Growth/ Development EPR Bullets

- Enlisted ambassador; grasped "17 laws of tmwrk" crse/evolved ldrs--tm earn'd Force spt NCOY & AFELM 4Q Vol awd

- Two mbrs accepted to Def Acq Ldshp Academy; 6 mnth course; poised to shape enterprise acq processes; 120 CLPs
- Briefed 5 MAJCOM Ldrs on SGROC ops capability/COCOM spt; mbrs earned RQMT Lvl A cert IAW USC Title 10
- Managed Div's contracts; solidified RQMT/Start Mgt/CCAR spt; 10 disciplines/20 FTEs; 29 processes; $3.5M value
- Six tm mbs attended AF Space & Cyber Conference; applied CSAF vsn to ACE CBA efforts in spt of 3 MEFPAKs
- Attend'd ldrshp/change mngt crs; utilized PPSM skills/drove 2 PIs/trn'd tm--created pgm continuity/saved 20-hrs mnthly

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