Training/Certification EPR Bullets

Training/Job Certification

- Spt'd $$$ program; cert'd f/ operations/trn'd 300 psnl/100 hrs; averted manpower shortage f/# mnths

- Accomplished Crew Lead training; led five mbr tm during post phase re-LO--returned a/c FMC two days early

- Accomplished pilot certification; completed advance ground/flight instruction--accumulated 35 total flight hrs

- Accomplished web-based GPC course; managed multiple accounts--100% accurate/supported 153-person staff

- Attended satellite accumulation point class; learned storage/disposal procedures--raised HAZMAT knowledge

- Attended six hrs UDM trng; skills used during Exer SPIRIT VIGILANCE '12--27 personnel deployed w/out fail

- Broadened sq GPC education; trained five personnel from four sections--increased program efficiency 25%

- Chosen for F-22 LO instructor duty; completed 6 week Basic Instructor Course--awarded AETC Certification

- Certified HAZMAT first responder; better able to respond to and assess accident scenes--96% on course exam

- Certified on Haz Cargo build up; trained to ship volatile chemical safely--increased B-SART capability 10%

- Completed 8 hr OSHA Safety seminar; led sect in safe working environment trng--eliminated 10 safety hazards

- Completed Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Instructor Training--provided community training

- Completed CPR instructor trng--trained 168 personnel--ensured unit proficiency in critical life saving skills

- Completed Equipment Management Block III training; turned in six equipment items--eliminated 80 man-hours

- Completed file management training--certified Chief Of Records--zero discrepancies noted during PACAF/UCI

- Completed flightline expeditor trng; led 27 tile insp's/applied ceramic putty--abolished safety of flight issues

- Completed Inspector General Trng Crse; gained vital prgm insight--enhanced WIT footprint in CC's Inspection Prgm

- Completed WG Records Custodian trng; tracked inbound personnel/leave file plans--no defects during '12 SAV

- Completed Work Group Manager/Web Master computer based instruction--increased web design capability

- CRG augmentor; vol'd 36-off duty hrs, cert'd 35 crit CRG tasks--ensured Wg capability support CRG taskings

- Fulfilled flight line driving program; attained ramp/CMA qualification; received 100% on airfield map tests

- Secured Unit Security Manager Certification; completed 24 CBT/classroom training--ready for responsibilities

QA Training/Qualification/Certification

- Mastered 17 tasks outside primary AFSC; completed 27 key task listing insps...awd'd gp Team Tyndall 3rd qtr

- Aced QA Inspector crse; broadened knowledge/skill set...trained three inspectors/section quals increased 15%

- Completed QA Inspector class; mastered 16 key tasks outside primary AFSC...increased flt capability by 17%

- Aced Jet Engine Mishap Investigation Crse; 72 hrs/investigator quals met...averted FW Safety Office shortage

- Driven/self motivated...completed acft W&B trng 2 months ahead of schedule...increased QA capabilities 25%

- Completed F-15/22 W&B certification...drove MXG Mx effectiveness...zero overdue W&B/capability up 9%

- W&B certified; nailed seven acft weighs/ten Chart-A checks...solidified '11 HQ AETC Mx Effectiveness Awd

- Earned Emergency Response Ops C2/UCC quals; boosted EET knowledge...led to pgrm's "Excellent" CI rating

- Sustained Silver Flag combat repair/survival course; issued 57 munitions/$409K...3K+ pilots trained for CAF

- Attended AF TO Distribution Officer crse; mastered oversight of 333 TOs--facilitated 3.5K SATCOM mx insp

- Completed TODCR trng crse; managed/reviewed 15 TAFBIs/forms...ensured completeness of annual reviews

- Attended Quality Assurance Insp Course; five core tasks completed--50% increase in inspection effectiveness

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