Air Force Training Program Development EPR Bullets

Training Program Development

- Established A&FRC's Dad Bootcamp pgm; instructed 2 parental conflict resolution crses--boosted 14 mbr's resiliency

- Created 27 new trng tasks--trained 20 techs on fiber optic mx/ops--increased task coverage/sys quals by 91%

- Created new sq PA team trng plan; qual'd 10 prsnl--620 man-hr/yr extra duty now manageable/shared by shops

- Designed/implemented electronic cutting training; drafted operation procedures--increased productivity 35%

- Engaged in LO training day; expanded OJT/Training Business Area requirements--reduced sections errors 10%

- Exemplified AF ideals; comp'd PTL tng rqmts, built CP fitness pgm--decreased two mbrs run time avg by 1min

- Hosted annual LO cross-talk; briefed 40 B-2 engineers on 36 process issues--enhanced public speaking ability

- Inspected 11 records/2.3K CFETP tasks; identified/corrected 30+ discrepancies--cemented zero findings during CUI

- KO'd crew lead trng; led six mbr team during re-LO/completed 7 wks early--facilitated 98% repair pass rate

- Leads by example; comp'd National Incident Mgmt Sys crs--applied crs knowledge, led CP transition to NIMS

- Organized 604 ASOS fld trng exer; trained 14 TACPs radio troubleshooting--amped controller effectiveness

- Revised tool kit inspection criteria; $8.9M tools/equipment inspected--secured AFGSC largest support section

- Spearheaded trng workshop--ensured standby qualification of eight Amn; increased SONET task coverage 36%

- Strengthened 40 hr upgrade trng pgm; taught inbound/receiving ops--three mbrs fully qual'd <6 mos/116 core tasks

- Successfully completed Objectives and Tests class--earned 90% average--enhanced instructor knowledge base

- Trained three NCO's Team Chief duty; utilized trng/boosted section supervision--zero fails on personnel evals

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