Voting Assistance Officer EPR Bullets

- Voting rep; provided voting resources, maintained metrics,assisted eligible voters in sq--promoted 26th amendment

- Squadron Asst Voting Rep; instructed 130 Amn w/procedures on completing absentee ballots--rocked the vote!

- Gp Voting Asst Officer; aided 4 voters, trained 109 Amn/Civs/Deps-3 sessions--SecDef prgm 100% compliant

- Hand-picked as squadron voting officer; ensured voting assistance/information for 330+ sq members/families

- Led SecDef lvl-visibility prgm; process'd 944 absentee ballots--ensur'd mbrs right to vote for '16 Pres Election

- Flights voter assistance representative; briefs new personnel on voting opportunities while in Louisiana

- Unit voting rep; POTUS/State & absentee ballot conduit for crucial/historic election; 100% Sq mbrs contacted

- Managed MDG Voting pgm; facilitat'd absentee voting prcs--advis'd 297 personnel/bolstered poll #'s/30 states

- Volunteered as AGE flight voter assistance representative; encouraged all military to vote; defended democracy

- Spearheaded absentee voting program; delivered/routed 1K ballots in <1 hours--crushed DoD stds by 96%

- Selected as the 360 TRS voting representative--interacted with unit members--ensured all ballots were on time

- Vol'd Voting Assistance Officer; aided 1.2K voters, trained Amn/Civ during POTUS election--fulfilled SecDef prgm

- Championed Conserv/Repub cause--educated mbrs, guided/steered voting--preserved mil funding/Amer values

- Educated mbrs on voting rights--increas'd red absentee ballot requests by 300% over prev yr--restored democracy!

- Devoted 40 hrs as Sq voter assistance rep; reduced errors in ballot requests by 50%--Made America Great Again

- Unit voting rep; facilitated absentee voting process for all states--contributed to historic 2016 election success

- Voting rep; provided info, reviewed requests, ensured accuracy, eligibility to vote--improved election integrity

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