Urinalysis Observer EPR Bullet Examples

- Trusted agent for AF Drug reduction program; issued 15 Wing/CC directed test--drove Sq's 100% compliance

- Trusted agent! CC's confidant; processed 40+ urinalysis requests for one of OG's busiest Sqs--100% notified

- Liaised w/4 based agencies; setup unit sweep/validated DoD pgm--23 specimens obtained/1 Art 15...Zero Tolerance

- Urinalysis Monitor; collected 100+ specimens w/ zero discrepancies--solidified drug prevention policy/unit readiness

- Filled DDR Monitor; observed 47 individuals/flawless prgm ops--sustained SecDef's "Zero Tolerance" policy

- Enthusiastic, eagle-eyed NCO; scrutinized 700 pns's/wnr's--enforced Air Force zero tolerance drug policy

- Mature ldr; upheld Cmdr & AF standards--braved unpopular duty, validated unit's quality, standards adherance

- Facilitated Wing Drug Reduction program; observed 57 urinalysis tests--enhanced substance abuse prevention

- Urinalysis Monitor--observed 23 individuals--allowed program to function flawlessly--ensured a drug free AF

- Vol'd as Wing asst urinalysis coordinator Oct 11-Jan 13--dedication, attn to detail ensured zero tolerance

- Unwavering attn to detail to meet AF's zero tolerance policy; collected 240+ specimens, zero discrepancies

- Trained & qualified 13 Amn as urinalysis observers--increased overall readiness for Joint Base Charleston

- No muff too tough--scanned/processed 22 Amn--orderly, complete and accurate--preserved sys integrity

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