Change of Command/Parade EPR Bullets

- Vol'd proffer f/2 Sq/MDG CC Calls; recognized/honored MDG/Sq's finest AMN-- upheld AF traditions for 11 prsnl

- Select'd to emcee awd ceremony; moderated 15 awards/recognitions to 200 prsnl--lauded by CC f/ flawless execution

- Proj Officer f/ Gp CoC; led xx mbrs/xxx prsnl in attendance--laud'd by 5AF/CS & USAG-J/CC f/ flawless execution

- Conducted three retirement ceremonies/all-calls; secured venue/set-up team--honored career of two SNCOs/one FGO

- Handpicked by Commander for change of comnd ceremony; fused Navy/AF traditions-- ensured flawless execution

- Handpicked lead f/MSG CoC; QA'd script/trained key prsnl/org'd 6 sqs/120 Amn formation--huge feat/superb results!

- Honored fallen & missing comrades; participated in POW/MIA formation--showcased AF legacy of valor

- Duty-minded NCO--volunteered for change of command--enhanced unit morale for over 200 Sq personnel

- Selected for 7 LRS CoC "Pass & Review"; added pride and prestige to ceremony--upheld military traditions

- Dedicated team leader--led formation for squadron change of command--ensured traditions were respected

- Upheld military heritage; dedicated 6 hrs to POW/MIA remembrance formation--paid respect to fallen heroes

- Led C-130 tow team crew of six for 365th change of command--cinched squadron ties and on-time ceremony

- Volunteered as flight commander for group change of command ceremony--ensured traditions were respected

- Chaired MDG CoC; led 98 prsnl/60 mbr formation--lauded by 99 ABW/CC & 57 Wg/CC f/flawless execution

- Co-chaired 99 IPTS CoC; dir'd 42 prsnl/20 mbr formation; lauded by MDG/CC & ABW/CC--promote to TSgt!

- Puts others first; received praise for ceremonial spt during 459 AASTS CoC ceremony; ceremonial work-horse

- Participated in Sq/CC CoC setup/teardown; positive first impression of Sq for new CC-event 100% success

- 1 of 2 proj ofcr f/MDG/CC CoC; org'd 30 mbrs/emceed ceremony--lauded by Wg CC's for flawless execution

- Wg/Sq involvement; BAC Secretary/Wg CC CoC/Pres dorm; MXS picnic/fitness day/Thanksgiving Day feast

- Marched in 9/11 Remembrance Day parade; read ceremonial flag folding script--somber anniversary marked

- Sharp military image as formation mbr during 89 ASG CoC ceremony; professional impression on all attending

- Trusted Protocol augmentee; assisted w/ Wg assumption of command and AMC/CCC visit--CAFB showcased

- Coordinated TRW CoC medical coverage; covered 8 practices/200 mbrs/treated 10 casualties-0 duty time lost

- Highly engaged Amn! Selected for Sq Morale Cmte Secretary/AF Ball DV escort/med spt for Wg/5 AF CoC

- Volunteered 60 hrs base Honor Guard; spt'd 3 CoC/2 awd ceremonies/7 patriot details--rendered AF tradition

- Supervised SF all-in-one de/activation & CoC event--impact'd 2 bases/1 gp/3 units--seamless merger for 350

- Proffered 7 FSS CoC ceremony; exuded professional excellence to 200 attendees--honored military traditions

- Interim OG Superintendent for 2 mo--deployment status issues, Wg/CC CoC & mult taskers handled w/aplomb

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