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Squadron/Base Support - Deployment

- Dply'd to Djibouti/backfilled as deputy to CC; established logistics SOP & COA's f/CJTF HOA--lauded/coined by J4
- Eliminated contract issues at port of Djibouti; spt'd 12 NATO/USN ships--maximized 5th Fleet's anti-piracy campaign
- Steered F22 DMS ops; led 9 mbrs/provided 24 hr MXS spt/returned 54 AFREP items--saved $258K/nailed 2K sorties
- Coord'd acquisition reduction agreement w/vendor; acquired bulk size containers/reduced space 20%--recoup'd $110K
- Oversaw logistics of $91K in WRM items; track'd/secur'd 100% in-transit visibility--enabled SOF msn's w/zero delays
- Created downrange accounts; $14K Class I orders delivered--no missed meals for warfighters/continnual msn success
- Facilitated 200 requisitions; exploited 3 classes of supply... < 60 days arrival--advanced 90% on time delivery to HOA
- Establish'd DLA dvlpmnt sched; outlined 12 mo duty rotation/adv'd SNCO knowledge--prgm adopt'd by DLA E/A CC

Squadron/Base Support

- AF Ball '22 volunteer; devoted 7 hrs/led 15 personnel in set-up & tear-down--promoted esprit de corps f/PACAF 7AF
- Cert'd POTFF resiliency tng; org'd 3 RTP events & incr healthy lifestyle skills--achvd SecAF directive f/20% of sq
- Jt Coalition Social lead; guided 4 Amn/event planning/logistics--strengthen'd bonds w/ 4 UN msn partners/200 guests
- Vol'd 3-hrs f/Black History dinner event; set-up $200 of food/edu'd 167 Amn on soul food history--laud'd by Chaplain
- Deployed collection point lead; provided 200 care packages to 60 deployed members--increased morale for 1 ESOMXS
- ARC vol lead coord'r; vol'd 67 hrs/dir'd 168 vols--prov'd 24/7 global comm/aid'd twd outreach to 118K mil & fams
- Hispanic Heritage Day advocate; led set-up/tear down team/rallied 8 vols--raised cultural awareness/200+ attendees
- Led 455 ELRS tour end celebration; org'd 6 sports/morale bldg events--revitalized/charged 355 Amn...Sq/CC lauded!
- Embodied Wingman concept; vol'd 28 off-duty hrs to assist Amn; contributed to $2K in saved relocation cos
- Team Chief for static display on TAFB; led multi-agency team of 31/installed 3 acft AFNORTH CC praised
- Crafted POW/MIA & 9/11 ceremony displays; planned setup/teardown--honored 35 FW/1st responder heroes
- Volunteer oriented--assisted 380th AEW Amazing Race & MC'd the 380th AEW's 65th anniversary celebration
- Coor'd sq baby blanket prgm; dedicated 20 hrs/collected/delivered 40 orders--boosted member/spouse morale
- Wings over Whiteman volunteer; dedicated 4 hrs to sq concessions booth--enhanced mil/community relations

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Squadron/Base Support - Dining-In

- Participated w/sqdn Combat Dining In; helped set-up/tear down for event--fostered team work/esprit de corps
- Sq Cmbt Dinning in team mbr; completed set up/tear down for >400 guest--enhanced/promoted esprit de corps!
- Sq combat dining-in participant; assisted 15 mbr setup/tear-down tm--assured memorable event for 300 psnl
- Vol'd 21 hrs/4 SQ/2 WG lvl events; set-up 1st ann WG triathlon/ECES cmbt dining out--sustained >600 mbrs
- Obligated personal time; Setup/Teardown 509 MXS '12 Combat Dinning-In--improved Wg/Sq/Flt camaraderie
- Avid supporter of sqdn functions; assisted setup/teardown of Combat Dinning In--improved squadron morale
- Suffered unwanted/drunken attn of spvsr/tol'd boring & mngless ceremny--sated cc's whim/slf-aggrandizmnt
- FMT hand selected to attend ADAB Combat Dining-In; enhanced esprit de corps amongst all deployed Airman

Squadron/Base Support - Additional duties

- Vol'd as AFAF POC; aided prgm raise $138.5K--achieved 112% of goal/highest fundraising to date for WG
- Volunteered as CFC flt representative; 100% contact made in one week/raised $13K--promoted esprit de corps
- Flt CFC rep; contacted 50 mbrs accounted for $3.8K--bolstered funding of federal employee charity donations
- Weekend volunteer; expertly repaired/weight & balanced aileron--ensured acft met scheduled deployment time
- Selfless Airman; volunteered 40 hrs toward undermanned HAWC/testing 95 individuals--upheld FA integrity
- Volunteered as flt Air Force Aid Foundation POC; ensured 100% contact with all personnel--base goals met
- Volunteered for additional duty; single handedly inspected /corrected 48 623's to comply with AFI 36-2201
- Volunteered as vehicle NCO; conducted training/tracked usage/scheduled maintenance--managed $952K assets
- Co-chair African American Heritage Committee; 31FW lead held eight events--committee coined 31FW/CCC
- Excelled as PTL; led 12 fitness sessions/fit tested 30 GSU Amn--instrumental to 55 mbr-unit's 100% pass rate
- Lead tax advisor vol/212 man-hrs; rvw'd/filed 320 rtns--sv'd $110K vs tax-preparer fees/$1.6M refunded
- Volunteered as flt Air Force Aid Foundation POC; ensured 100% contact with all personnel--base goals met
- Volunteered as Air Force Assistance Fund Sq Rep...attended roll calls/posted flyers...ensured 100% contact
- AF Assistance Fund unit rep...gained support from over 100 personnel...wg raised $100K/$30K above goal

Squadron/Base Support - Picnic/Cookout/Party

- Dedicated 13 hrs f/"Santa Lock-up"; propel'd sq R&R effort/raised $2K--bankrolled Holiday party/two family events
- Championed 2 WSA picnics; devoted 8 hrs f/cooking/tm building activities--refocused 75 Amn/bolstered unit morale
- Orchestrated Sq Holiday Party; led 20 prsnl childcare tm/six committees--increased QoL for 158 prsnl/coined by CC
- Vol'd 8 hrs for FSS holiday function; saved $2K childcare costs for mil families--cultivated camaraderie for 175 mbrs
- Spt'd sq picnic set-up; positioned tables/game areas/provided children activities--enhanced sq/family morale
- Led Children's Holiday Party set-up; organized entertainment for 27 MDG kids--event deemed huge success
- Organized and oversaw Bravo Flight cookout; helps to promote continual "esprit de corps" within the unit
- Volunteered 30+ hrs assisting Services store $810K in perishables, decorating f/2 holiday parties--team player
- Ardently supported flight activities; volunteered to organize flight Thanksgiving party; raised unit morale
- Knuckle Buster Banquet '11 volunteer; devoted 6 hrs to set-up & tear down--flawless event lauded by Gp CC

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Squadron/Base Support - Sports

- Coached 12 athletes; taught basketball fundamentals/sched 9 games/logged 20 hrs--promoted fitness/sportsmanship

- Guided sq POW/9-11 remembrance runs; honored fallen soldiers/victims' sacrifice...boosted esprit de corps

- Vol'd 8+ hrs; remodeled HAFB motocross track/installed bumper pad...improved safety/prevented accidents

- Supported sq intramural sport activities; bowling team member--promoted unit morale/fostered esprit de corps

- Represented Team Kirtland at AF Marathon; trained for 7 months--placed 63rd of 5,700/placed 6th in age gp

- Involved! MXG Football & MDG bowling tm player--bolstered unit esprit de corps/#1 of 7 Wg bowling tms

- Member of sq soccer team/coached youth team--both undefeated seasons; displayed leadership/mentoring skill

- Sq sports participant; bowling/softball team mbr--led team to annual playoff tourney/promoted unit cohesion

- True advocate of Team Moody; key member of base womens softball team...exemplifies whole person concept

- Promoted esprit de corps; coached MXS women's softball team--motivated team to 2nd place overall standing

- Supported sqdn intramurals energetically; played volleyball/softball/bowling team--promoted esprit de corps

- Inspired sportsmanship; coached base basketball/youth softball teams--5th of 16 & undefeated softball season

- Supported sq intramural sports; managed two softball teams--promoted physical fitness/teamwork/leadership

- Squadron football/softball team mbr; demonstrated teamwork/unit pride--encouraged fitness/esprit de corps

- Sports Coach vol; led 15 team mbrs during softball season/embedded fair play ethics--boosted unit cohesion

- Team member for CC Cup challenge events; participated football/softball league--earned MX CC trophy points

- Appointed coach/captain MXS Intramural Volleyball Team; led team to Semi-finals--increased espirt-de-corps

- Team member for CC Cup challenge events; volleyball/bowling league participant--boosted esprit de corps

- Supported 509 BW POW/MIA run; aided event tear down/base clean up--honored missing/imprisoned soldiers

- Excelled as part of AFGSC Rowing Challenge team; achieved 2nd place/618K meters--recognized by WG/CC

- Vol'd 2 hrs for POW/MIA vigilance marathon; weathered 4 mile interval...memorialized vets/fallen soldiers

- Managed Tynman Triathlon refreshment stand...built volunteers schedule...ensured safety of 50+ local athletes

- Supported wing POW-MIA day event; ran one hour leg of 24 hour vigil run--honored Americas fallen heroes

- Contributed to POW/MIA 24 hour day event; ran for 60 minutes--efforts key to honoring missing/fallen heroes

- Volunteered in local AF triathlon; prepared refreshments for participants--solidified morale for AF community

- Supported squadron intramural softball; played/motivated team members--encouraged fitness/esprit de corps

- Avid supporter of sqdn functions; participated in intramural softball--boosted unit cohesion/encouraged fitness

- Participated in intramural activities; team member for sq bowling team--garnered w/3rd place finish/1st in mx

- Volunteered for base youth sports pgm; cleaned/repaired two baseball fields--efforts lauded by 509 MSG/CC

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AFSA/Booster Club/Top 3/Amn Council

- Reinvigorated sq heritage as Booster Club Pres; designed 18 morale items & sq's 1st poster--gen'd net income $1100

- Sq Booster Club Treasurer; wrote By-Laws/Constitution & vol'd 2 fundraisers--generated $4K towards QoL function

- Active AFSA mbr; established local legislative teams...ensured Team Tyndall's representation in Washington

- Sq Booster Club member; Vol'd > 12 hrs/8 events raised $4.5K--bolstered funding allotted twds QoL functions

- Focus 5/6 mbr; briefed critical base support agencies/local info to 30+ Amn...reinforced AF wingman concept

- Active sq booster club mbr...volunteered for unit fund raiser...garnered $300 toward unit holiday party/events

- Wg Top 3 committee mbr; organized 4th qtr awd ceremony...acknowledged 69 nominees/22 wg awd recipients

- Wg Top 3 committee mbr; led three qtrly awd ceremonies...recognized 192 nominees & 57 wg awd recipients

- AFSA Recruitment Chairman; participation up 20% w/ 35 new memberships...keyed '09 "Chapter of the Year"

- Proud representatives; AFSA cmte/WSA Qtrly brd mbrs/SARC advocates--vital participants to WG success

- Wg Top 3 committee member; coordinated & led two qtrly awd ceremonies...recognized 76 wg awd recipients

- Helped deliver 5,000 phone books in Goldsboro community--raised $5K for squadron Top 4 morale programs

- Active squadron booster club member; volunteered to work concessions at concerts; raised $3.5K for squad

- Appointed as sq booster club treasurer; directed four base fundraisers--amassed $6.5K for sq morale activities

- Involved in Amn Council; set up University of Central Missouri fun night--reduced underage drinking mishaps

- Air Force Sergeants Association member; attended meetings--contributed to the welfare of Amn during time off

- Comm spt'r; VP Booster Club/founder 'Grace Extended' outreach f/homeless--rais'd >$2K/10 comfort kits f/homeless

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Honor Guard

- KC Royals opening day flag team mbr; held flag during Natl Anthem--displayed patriotism/professional image

- LSHS JROTC Drill Instructor; trained 30 youth on military ceremony/tradition--district competition champions

- WAFB Honor Guard; amassed 53 dtls/272 hrs--honored fallen vets/recognized as Honor Guard mbr 1st Qtr '13

- Avid community supporter; served in Patriot Guard Last Honors ceremony--honored deceased Navy veterans

- US Flag unveiling team mbr '12 MLB All Star game; unified ceremony/Americas pastime--applauded by nation

- Lee's Summit JRROTC drill competition judge; briefed cadets Arming Regs--mentored 300+ future AF recruits

- Selected as lead Black Rope; instructed Drill/Special activities teams--led three wing retreats/lauded by CC

- Air Force ambassador; judged Blue Springs High AF JROTC drill competition--enhanced community relations

- Base Honor Guard member; performed 30 ceremonies--executed highest military honors for deceased veterans

- Exemplified professionalism; led honor guard detail/7 flag folding ceremonies--patriotic send-off for retirees

- Vigorous HG mbr; executed 66 details/350 hrs/12K miles--supported vital 509 BW msn/sustained AF tradition

- Judged JROTC drill meet; briefed Arming Regulations to 300 cadets--groomed/mentored future AF recruits

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Blood Drive/Donor

- Spt'd Armed Services Blood Program blood drive; helped set-up/donated blood--boost'd supply f/ deployed warfighters

- Spt'd Wg blood drive; produced 2K mL of life-saving medication--alleviated human suffering and prolonged 12 lives

- Gave the gift of life; donated two pint of blood to the American Red Cross--facilitated weekly goal of donation

- Life saver; donated two pints of blood to the American Red Cross--facilitated Hurricane Sandy medical relief

- Gave the "gift of life"; donated plasma/distributed flyers for the Children's Mercy Hosp--met ann 6K pint goal

- Volunteered for American Red Cross blood drive; distributed flyers/helped set-up--wg exceeded annual goal

- Supported American Red Cross blood drive; procured over 800 units in two days--reduced state wide shortage

- Sensitive to needs of local community; squadron blood drive donor; helped fill depleted blood supplies

- American Red Cross blood donor; provided six units--saved two lives/helped reduce state-wide shortage

- Contributed to American Red Cross blood drive; donated 2 pints of blood--amassed 98 total pints/saved lives

- Dedicated to deployed troops; donated much needed blood--ensured Armed Services Blood Program success

- Volunteered for American Red Cross blood drive; donated two pints of blood--exceeded 300 unit annual goal

- Supported wing blood drive; donated three pints of life saving plasma--increased critical supply for our nation

- Contributed to American Red Cross blood drive; donated plasma/distributed flyers--met objective/saved lives

- Volunteered to assist American Red Cross blood drive; donated two pints of blood--drive met 200-unit goal

- Worked American Red Cross blood drive; helped set-up/donated blood--helped exceed wing's annual goal

- Supported base clinic blood drive; donated two pints of blood/life saving plasma--increased base/local supply


- Sacrificed 10 hrs in support of American Heart Association's Heart Ball...event raised $280K toward research

- Section fundraiser rep; spearheaded 160-participant 5K Teddy Bear Run...produced $790 for women's shelter

- Organized sq booster club golf tournament; raised $640...improved sq Holiday Party/CC applauded best ever!

- Participated in seven 5K runs; rallied peers/Amn...boosted section fitness/raised $15K for nine local charities

- FW/MXG car show Chairman/treasurer...250+ cars participated...raised $3K+ AF Ball & MXG Mx banquet

- Assisted 1st Sgts w/Operation Warmheart; raised $15K in meals for base Airmen/Great Falls Rescue Mission

- Led pie-in-the-face fundraiser for 58 MOS; efforts generated $87 for barbeque at SOW children's fall party

- Appointed as sq booster club treasurer; directed four base fundraisers--amassed $6.5K for sq morale activities

- Organized Walk-to-Cure fundraiser; led two tent constructions--event raised $3.8K for juvenile diabetes cause

- Vol'd 8 hrs to Kansas Speedway security; ensured safety of 100K fans--event collected $5K for sq morale fund

- Light the Night Walk vol; coor'd/participated w/150 mbrs--raised $2.5K to combat leukemia/lymphoma cancer

- Supported ALS fundraiser event; participated bowling competition--collected $450 for graduation legacy gift

- Light the Night Walk vol; coor'd/participated w/150 mbrs--raised $2.5K to combat leukemia/lymphoma cancer

- Community minded; participated in East Tennessee Epilepsy Foundation fundraiser--efforts raised over $11K

- Participated in Top Pot Doughnut 5K dash; raised over $50k; helped prevent and stop child abuse and neglect

- Spearheaded bowling fundraiser; coord event set-up/tear down--secured $450 towards ALS Legacy project

- Participated in 2011 Warrior Dash; completed 5K fundraiser--raised $30K for Big Brothers/Big Sisters charity

- Participated in Tucson's Lupus Walk-a-Thon; assisted setup/walked 12 hrs--event collected $30K for patients

- Volunteered to work concession stand for Dave Matthews concert--raised over $1K for Squadren Booster Club

- Participated in '12 MLB All-Star Charity 5K; supported fight against cancer--three orgs benefited from $300K

- Participated in Autism Speaks 5k race; walked/ran 6 hours w/150 competitors--raised over $10K for research

- Contributed to 5K Color Run; participated w/>12K runners--raised over $400K for Ronald McDonald House

- Participated in ALS car wash fund raiser; detailed 36 vehicles--raised $200 towards Joplin, MO tornado relief

- NASCAR race vol; greeted spectators/maintained security/flow of patrons--raised $4K/improved MXS morale

- Org'd 37 mbr "Walk-for-Wishes" tm; spt'd Central FL Make-a-Wish Foundation--$11.5K raised for local youth

- Vol'd day care for KB "Messlords"; entertain'd 12 kids >4 hrs/raised $240 for UAC--event enjoy'd by 48 prsnl

- Pilot'd 8 Sq events; ded'd 250+ volunteer hrs--rais'd $400 for Lupus research/enabl'd 39 blood drive donations

- Vol'd 12 hrs at ND State Fair; performed trash/grounds clean up--helped raise $8K for sq booster club events

- Devoted 12 hrs Shop w/ a Cop event; set up/secured $316K Sq assets--brightened holidays for 126 local kids

- Mng'd Op Warm Heart softball field; project raised $4K--promoted USAF AD/ANG/AFRES health & welfare

- Sq Booster Club member; Vol'd > 12 hrs/8 events raised $4.5K--bolstered funding allotted twds QoL functions

- Participated in Spouses Group Breast Cancer Walk; promoted awareness--raised $500 for cancer research

- Enthusiasm for esprit de corps! Supported four 58 MOS booster club fundraiser evts--vital to $3.8k raised

- Facilitated annual 34th Chili Bowl fundraiser; dedicated 10 hrs/meal prep/gate security/sold 5K tickets--raised $63K

- Volunteered for booster club fundraiser; worked security for Kansas City Royals games--sqdn earned $1.5K

- Volunteered for NASCAR race; performed security/regulated flow of personnel--raised $1.8K for sqdn events

- Security detail for NASCAR race; greeted spectators/regulated flow of personnel--raised $3K for sqdn events

- Volunteered for Op Warm Heart; rang bell at commissary--raised $5K/improved QoL for families in need

- Team player! Vol'd for sq fundraiser; devoted 10 hrs to security detail--generated $600+ for sq booster club

- Helped deliver 5,000 phone books in Goldsboro community--raised $5K for squadron Top 4 morale programs

- Active squadron booster club member; volunteered to work concessions at concerts; raised $3.5K for squad

- Displayed AF pride; represented Sq in POW/MIA run--$350 generated National League POW/MIA families

- Amn Council mbr; teamed w/AFSA; vol'd 2 hrs t/holiday fundraiser--raised $248 f/VFW/Disabled Vets pgm

- Wounded Warrior Project volunteer; assisted in organization of golf tournament--raised over $20K for program

- Ambassador for March of Dimes; collected >$1.8K/supv'd/entertained children--instilled positive AF image

- Active member for AFSA golf fund raiser; played 18 holes--accumulated $325 for Air Force Assistance Fund

- Participated in local fund raiser; detailed/washed 36 vehicles--raised $1.1K for Wounded Warrior Project

- March of Dimes/Relay for Life team member; solicited donations/culminated in two 24 hr events--raised $89K

- Organized United Way fundraiser; coord'd donation collection stands--garnered $3.5K for Boys and Girls Club

- Fight against cancer vol; coord/hosted local poker tournament--raised $2.5K for research/patient/survivor aid

- Service before self; volunteered 2 hours for Operation Warm Heart--raised $7K+ for underprivileged families

- Aided successful 2012 Warrior Dash; ran >28 miles--efforts led to raising $65K for children's cancer research

- Selfless volunteer; coord'd w/three agencies/devoted 8 hrs to Green Knights; $250 raised--Angel Tree funded

- Booster Club President; led planning/execution of fundraiser's that netted $7200--funded 3 sq morale events

- Supported sq; volunteered 8 hours at Kansas Speedway as security detail--raised $3.1K for unit morale fund

- Participated in 2012 Lub Dub Run; placed 12th out of 227 runners--raised $13K+ for heart disease research

- Elected MXS booster club VP; co-led WOW/CDI/Mustache March committees--raised over $5K for sq events

- Sqdn Holiday party committee lead; organized gift wrapping fundraiser--$260 raised/event attended by 200+

- Wg motorcycle mentor; led 1.3K in six charity rides/taught 11 Amn...raised $10K for veterans/Bikers for Kids

- Dedicated 7 hrs to CE Haunted House charity event; safely directed traffic/assisted ticket sales...amassed >$2K

- Elected AFSA Chapter Treasurer/1.1K mbrs; vol'd >9 hrs at Biggest Loser Marathon/book sale...raised $2.3K

- Committee chair/treasurer for annual MXG Car Show...100+ cars competed...raised $1K+ for Mx Pro Banquet

- Organized MPOY carwash...planned car wash/solicited donations..raised over $200/instilled esprit de corps

- Committee chair/treasurer for annual MXG Car Show...100+ cars attended...raised $1K+ for Mx Pro Banquet

- Participated in Relay For Life fundraiser; fabricated/sold crafts--raised $1.5K for American Cancer Society

- Aided American Red Cross; raised $100 for Joplin MO tornado relief fund--strengthened community relations

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Habitat for Humanity

- Volunteered six hrs for Habitat for Humanity--helped build homes for less fortunate--bolstered community ties

- Organized Habitat for Humanity event; 5 hrs spent building walls--provided homes for 5 less fortunate families

- Habitat for Humanity; volunteered 6 total hrs to help build homes for less fortunate--bolstered community ties

- Habitat f/Humanity volunteer/14 hrs; built interior walls/shingled roof--expedited move-in f/mother & 3 kids

- Vol'd 20 hrs w/Habitat for Humanity; painted 2 houses to enhance community relations--reduced $4.1K in labor costs

- Led Habitat for Humanity project; managed 16 prsnl/112+ hrs constructing building--invigorated AF community ties

- Supported Habitat for Humanity; vol'd 6 hrs/framed & painted 3 houses--improved QoL/strengthened community ties

- Drove 2 day/12 man Habitat for Humanity team..constructed wall/painted rooms...strengthened community ties

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- Vol'd proffer f/2 Sq/MDG CC Calls; recognized/honored MDG/Sq's finest AMN-- upheld AF traditions for 11 prsnl

- Championed Wg POW/MIA Event; emceed ceremony/led sales tm--raised $000/honored missing/imprisoned soldiers

- Exemplified professionalism! MXG Award ceremony proffer; presented 20 awards--upheld military tradition

- Supports military tradition; performed proffer duties for 58 SOW promotion ceremony--18 airmen recognized

- Led seven facility tours; briefed Under SECDEF/provided hands on B-2 insight--relayed critical LO concerns

- Selected to direct/organize unit director's call; moderated 10 award/service recognitions--lauded by unit chief

- Hand picked as Diversity Day POC; planned/organized base luncheon & 10 performances--lauded by wg CC

- Emceed for flt award ceremony; displayed exemplary professionalism--honored seven NCO's accomplishments

- Conducted civic leader tour; briefed LO processes/improvements--strengthened support for stealth capabilities

- Articulate spokesperson; fostered discussions on suicide prevention--guaranteed safe/knowledgeable Airmen

- Served as proffer at Wg promotion ceremony; spt'd Amn recognition program; 7 Amn recognized/ 400 attended

- Devoted 8 off duty hrs to Northern Valley Honor Flt; escorted WWII vets to GF airport--honored 96 heroes

- Devoted 18 hrs twrd NSI IG detail; conveyed 240 pax/500 bags--provided 120 inspectors safe commute travel

- Wg ambassador; 36 WG/CC hand-selected rep at prof'l symposium--AFGSC/CCC coined/built tm ldr skillset

- Conducted B-2 tour; enlightened 31 Warrensburg High School students--professionalism commended by staff

Ceremonies/Parades/Change of Command

- Handpicked to emcee decoration presentation; moderated 3 citations/honored Sq mbr's & their families--lauded by CC

- Hand-picked by flt CC to Emcee Sq CoC; addressed 185 prsnl/showcased AF core values--lauded by MSG CC perfect

- Wg Top 3 committee member; coordinated & led two qtrly awd ceremonies...recognized 76 wg awd recipients

- Led setup/teardown for SNCO retirement; 75 attendees...professional ceremony honored 24+ years of service

- Devoted to Profession of Arms; vol'd for 455 EAMXS Change of Command Ceremony--upheld USAF heritage

- Reverenced US fallen warriors; participated in two dignified transfers--ensured timely CONUS shipment

- Provided "Usher and Greeter" duties for 435 ABW/CC change of command--US Air Force tradition upheld

- Escorted 58 MOS spouses during Spouses' Day 2011; improved morale for squadron's military mbrs/families

- Contributed to POW/MIA 24 hour day event; ran for 60 minutes--efforts key to honoring missing/fallen heroes

- Assisted w/ CSAF visit; red carpet detail mbr at HC-130J commemoration ceremony--professionalism shined!

- Tip of spear for SNCO induction ceremony; performed TAPS for audience--paid tribute to our fallen soldiers

- Volunteered two hours for ALS retreat ceremony; demonstrated customs/courtesies--bolstered esprit de corps

- Patriot Guard procession vol; displayed military bearing/part of 100 mbr formation--paid respect to fallen hero

- Patriot; volunteered to represent MXS at wing retreat ceremony--demonstrated pride in country/esprit de corps

- Volunteered for 509 MXG change of command; setup/teardown team member--enabled highly successful event

- Embodied AF tradition; participated in ALS retreat ceremony--demonstrated professionalism/esprit de corps

- Obligated personal time; Setup/Teardown 509 MXS '12 Combat Dinning-In--improved Wg/Sq/Flt camaraderie

- Volunteered in two 509 BW retreat formations; upheld standing military traditions/exemplified Esprit de Corps

- Volunteered 509 BW E-5 promotion celebration; greeted selects/collected funds--showcased professionalism

- Represented Whiteman; poised AFGSC change of command static display--professionalism lauded by GSC/CC

- Led set up/tear team down team; prepared retirement ceremony for 24 yr SMSgt career--time honored tradition

- Committee member for two MXS Combat Dining In events; decorated/created flyer--promoted esprit de corps

- Assisted with retirement ceremony; performed security duties--commemorated SMSgt for 24-years of service

- Devoted to Profession of Arms; volunteered for Whiteman ALS Retreat Ceremony--promoted esprit de corps

- Avid community supporter; stood formation in Memorial Day Flag raising detail--boosted morale/AF image

- Orchestrated sg CC call; emcee'd event/enhanced speaking skill...honored eight Amn w/ four medals/four awds

- Headed MXG CC farewell committee; drove site selection/protocol measures--event commended by gp ldrshp

- Gp Mx Professional of the Yr committee mbr; four fundraisers/raised 2K+...330 attendees/30 mbrs recognized

- Led SNCO induction ceremony committee...served as master of ceremonies...awarded Top-3 Top Performer

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- Trn'd 8 hrs in confrontation mgmt; volunteered 16 hrs/Travis Air Expo crowd cntrl--secured 200K+ attendees

- Wings Over Whiteman volunteer; conducted flight line op's--nailed airshow success/lauded by 30K spectators

- Ambassador in Blue; provided security for HAB air show--showcased AF legacy/safeguarded 500k attendees

- Dedicated 24 hrs to Wings Over Whiteman air show; supported flight line op's; applauded by >30K spectators

- Devoted 32 hrs to Heritage Flt airshow; led 35 mbrs food booth sales--raised $3.5K for booster club events

- Vol'd 12 hrs to Wings Over Whiteman; provided traffic control/parked vehicles--enjoyed by >40K spectators

- Voluntarily worked hot dog booth at Wings Over Wayne airshow--raised $1.5K for squadron Christmas party

- Key to USAF Thunderbird Air Show audio sys setup; entertained 10+K...fostered Italian/ American relations

- Positioned 207 barriers for July 4th festival; parking/crowd control areas created-safe event for >21K guests

- Volunteered 10 hrs for Wings Over Whiteman air show; set-up/tore down food booth--ensured FOD free zone

- Volunteered at base air show; offered beverages to 1K in attendance--raised $1.4K for Top 3/Wg totaled $40K

- Represented Team Whiteman for '12 air show; served/cooked in food booth--raised $4.5K for sq booster club

- Participated in Wings over Whiteman 2012; cooked/served food at sqdn booth--enhanced military/civilian ties

- Vol'd 24 hrs/med spt for '12 base open house; treated 251/178K attendees/largest ever--fortified int'l relations

- Volunteered 8-hrs during Wings Over Whiteman air show; tore down 15 food booths--ensured FOD free zone

- Participated in MacDill Airshow 2014; removed refuse/assisted guests--enhanced military, civilian ties

- Worked Show of Arms display; gave tour to head of National Security Council--showcased B-2s capabilities

- Deployed to RAF Fairford; augmented AMXS with daily safe tow/static display/tours--125K+ spectators awed

- Volunteered to help '14 Air show; serviced acrobatic team acft w/smoke oil--event enjoyed by 75K spectators

More Airshow Examples

Food Drive - for Community

- Devoted 2 hrs/GF Rescue Msn; oversaw holiday decor/supplied 400 lbs gifts/food--raised spirit f/120 displaced prsnl

- Org'd Woman Shelter food dr; coor'd pickup/led 2 vols/prvd'd 600 lbs food/clothing/gifts--spt'd 110 woman/children

- Dir'd comm food bank event; mng'd 7 pers/27 hrs packing food & essential items--fostered local aid amidst pandemic

- Contributed 6 hrs off-duty time; delivered food/gifts to the needy--ensured successful '10 Operation Warmheart

- Operation Turkey Drop contributor...donated $150 in goods...provided nourishment for less fortunate families

- Led Piney Grove Baptist Church meal distribution...served 200+ families...cemented community ties/AF image

- Assisted w/ Project Homeless Connect; donated 20 lbs of goods to homeless--improved QoL for less fortunate

- Svc before self; wg SARC Liaison and Meals on Wheels vol--168 hrs on-call stand-by and 50 meals delivered

- Community leader! Expedited delivery of 48 meals to elderly in need through local Meals-On-Wheels pgm

- Volunteered weekend Lord's Diner; prepared 350 meals for Wichita's needy--exemplified positive AF image

- Volunteered to prepare meals for Metro ministries during Thanksgiving; fostered community relations; promote

- Selfless vol! Supported Op home cooking; donated canned food--helped underprivileged/ increased goodwill

- Supported Salvation Army; donated clothing/house hold items valued at $150--improved less fortunate's QoL

- Aided childhood fight against hunger; led 10 mbrs/assembled 1.5K care packs--provided food/improved QoL

- Benevolent; donated 10 pounds of nonperishable's for holiday food drive--boosted pantry stock/families QoL

- Warrensburg food pantry vol; collected/org'd >150 non-perishable items--provided relief for families in need

- Volunteered 3 hrs at local homeless shelter; prepped/served 100 displaced ppl--bolstered community relations

- Exemplified core values; collected clothing for Salvation Army--provided apparel to families/improved QoL

- Participated in base food drive; donated time and countless cans of food--provided support to local community

- Community involved; participated in local food drive/donated 90 canned foods--enhanced AF/community bond

- Selflessly volunteered 10 hrs for Samaritan house; 78 people served; enhanced community relations with FW

- Coordinated used coat drive; collected over 120 coats--increased local Salvation Army shelter winter supply

- Assisted Johnson County Shelter; donated 16 boxes of food priced at $1.2K--secured AF community relations

- Served weekly at Shreveport homeless shelter; cooked food/distributed clothing--raised QoL for 120+ people

- Avid community supporter; distributed food at local pantry--fed families in need/improved communities QoL

Food Drive - for Airmen

- Liaised w/FSS; committed 3 hrs/Central Distro Sect/prepped food coolers f/msl chefs--prvd'd 60 meals/20 MAF mbrs

- Contributed to base Thanksgiving food drive; donated nine lbs of canned goods--improved QoL for 11 families

- Supported holiday food drive; donated seven pounds of canned goods/nonperishables--bolstered AF family ties

- Ambassador in blue; donated clothing to Airman's Attic--provided apparel to families in need/improved QoL

- Dedicated to commmunity; built 130 Thanksgiving baskets for Whiteman families--lauded by ALS commandant

- Ambassador in blue; participated in clothing drive for Airman's Attic--provided to Whiteman families in need

- Volunteered 5 hrs at Airmen's Attic; catalogued clothing items/household goods--efforts appreciated by staff

- Goodwill ambassador; donated $900 worth of clothing/electronics to Charleston Airmen's Attic--improved QoL

- Op Warm Heart drive vol; dedicated five hrs/collected >$9.3K/household items--improved local families QoL

- Led 31 Amn/local thrift store; inventoried/clear'd 10K lbs excess stock--200 less fortunate shoppers wkly avg

- Contributed to Air Force Aid Society; donated $120--provided assistance to members/improved families QoL

Meals on Wheels

- Delivered 13 meals for Meals-on-Wheels program--provided food to less fortunate citizens in the community

- Devoted 2 hrs to Lanakila Meals On Wheels; delivered 8 bags of meals/4 fams--enriched lives of 27 in lcl community

- Leadership increased Meals-on-Wheels participation to an impressive 40%--touched lives of over 25 citizens

- Led 23-man food drive tm; distributed 15K meals to local community--saved $105K in cost for less fortunate families

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- MSG lead/Mapril cleanup; directed 77 vols/enhanc'd 6 city blocks/proj removed 20 tons trash--sav'd $3K landfill fees

- Avid supporter of sqdn functions; assisted setup/teardown of Combat Dinning In--improved squadron morale

- Volunteered 6 hrs for Mardi Gras Parade; provided clean-up/spectator security--fostered community relations

- Recruited/led six mbrs for beach clean-up; removed 710 lbs of debris...key to safety/cleanliness 18 mile coast

- Member of AF Gala clean up team; emptied trash/stowed tables/chairs--returned MX bay to operational status

- Led Florida IRONMAN cleanup/30 personnel; cleaned 6M course...capped successful event/500+ competitors

- Directed Crooked Island Beach project; led 38 people/gathered >600 lbs of debris...restored TAFB Beaches

- Led 22 Amn/local park restoration; refurbished 10 items/cleared nature trail...pristined/safed kid's playground

- Vol'd 8 hrs/annual MApril cleanup; enhanc'd 6 city blocks/proj removed 20 tons trash--sav'd $3K landfill fees

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- Sq Adopt-a-Highway volunteer; collected debris from roadway--safed MO highways/strengthened comm bond

- Vol'd 12 hrs for flt's Adopt a Street Project; picked up 100 lbs of trash--enriched AK roads for >15K drivers

- Sq Adopt-a-Highway prgm volunteer; collected >150 Lbs of debris--enriched MO highways for >10K drivers

- Participated in local Adopt-a-Highway pgm; collected 20 bags of debris--preserved environmental cleanliness

- Contributed to highway clean up; picked up 27 bags of trash--demonstrated selfless actions to local community

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- Devoted 8 hrs AFRH; record'd annual resident surveys--voiced 556 vet's QoL issues/rec'd Administrator LOA

- Volunteered at American Legion dance; served refreshments/cleaned up--commemorated local veterans service

- MO Vets Home vol; dedicated 10 hrs/prepared meals for >20 heroes--boosted morale of former service mbrs

- MO Vet's Home vol; served meals to 30 veterans/provided recreation--bolstered morale of deserving heroes

- MO Vet's Home event team lead; directed remembrance flag ceremony--enjoyed by >75 Veterans/family mbrs

- Selflessly served Missouri Veterans Home; prepared lunch for retired Veterans--paid respect to nations heroes

- Volunteered at Missouri Veterans Home; served lunch to war veterans--displayed respect to America's finest

- Patriot; placed Memorial Day flags on graves in remembrance of service--paid tribute to American veteran's

- Volunteered at Warrensburg veterans home; played games/developed friendships--lifted spirits/boosted morale

- Volunteered at Missouri Veterans Home; served lunch to war veterans--displayed respect to America's finest

- Memorial Day vol; dedicated 8 hrs/placed 60 American flags on local cementary graves--honored fallen heros!

- Dedicated 14 hrs to Veteran's home; assisted/visited w/ prior generation heroes...charged past soliders' morale

- Avid community supporter; prepared/served Memorial Day lunches to veterans--boosted morale/AF image


- Vol'd 18 hrs at Rapid City Softball Complex--removed storm debris/safed fields for 201 teams/2.2K players

- Hurricane Irene prep tm mbr; filled & secured 5K gal fuel/2K gal water bladders--Wg rdy for 12 hr emer resp

- Life saver; donated two pints of blood to the American Red Cross--facilitated Hurricane Sandy medical relief

- Supported Hurricane Gustav disaster relief in Louisiana; removed debris/branches--helped community in need

- Deployed in support of Hurricane Ike relief efforts; safely moved, delivered 200 pax/250 tons of cargo

- Spt'd urgent sch changes; 2 C-17s dispatched for Philippine relief--131 msns/2.6M vital aid/3.2K pers evac'd

- Deployed to Chuuk Island to support the relief efforts of typhoon devastated Federated States of Micronesia

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- Led wildfire fighting efforts, constructed an emergency Command post--directed successful fire operations

- Aided w/96 R-11 runs/129K gals JP-8 ISO TX wildfire effort; 74 sorties/70 air drops--993K acres quenched

- Helped mvmt of MREs; built 18 plts/39 tons cgo/$180K--spt'd 2.8K BLM firefighters during Alaska's largest wildfire

- C2 wildland fire; led 7 prsnl/requested outside agencies/extinguished all fires--minimized damage to 30 acres

- Assisted county response; investigated hotel w/reported smoke--ensured 150 occupants evac'd facility safely

- Responded to the Rock Valley fire, ensured safe evacuation of 22 personnel and relocated over $900K worth of assets


- Responded to catastrophic flood; acquired alternate storage means f/2.1K lbs equip--averted destruction to $40K assets

- Supported flood efforts; volunteered 16 hrs to sandbag central/Burke Addition--Wg lauded for community svc

- Headed HURCON # contingent; led 5 man-tm w/canal mx & removed #K lbs debri--secured flood threat f/$3B assets

- Responded to base flood crisis; insp'd 11 AAFES/DeCA facilities--salvaged $5K assets/restored ops<72 hrs

- Assisted food bank relocation during Minot '11 flood; 40K lbs removed--vital community services kept intact


- Vol'd 3 hrs for Spring Bazaar; provided childcare for 30 children--largest pro/private org base fundraiser of yr

- Vol'd 15 hrs to community service--averted DUIs/loss of life thru AADD & cleared 12K lbs trash for EcoDay

- Volunteered as DFAC council rep/volleyball coach/organized 4 unit events--boosted morale for > 4K members

- Vol'd 88 hrs; WWII Honor Flt Detail/Veteran's Home/Special Olymics of DE & MS/DAADD--pos role model

- Proud representatives; AFSA cmte/WSA Qtrly brd mbrs/SARC advocates--vital participants to WG success

- Aided local schools; donated to American Heart Association--helped raise $500M annually for heart research

- Served Kansas City area; registered/supported several 5/10K events--helped raise $36M for national charities

- Coached 24 youth/65 hrs; vol'd as banquet speaker/20 hrs; devoted off-duty time to assist flood victims/96 hrs

- Assisted Parkview Elementary fund raiser; fed families at Country Kitchen--raised $300 for cancer research

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