Fundraiser/CFC EPR bullet examples

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Combined Federal Campaign/CFC

- Drove sq CFC initiative; liaised w/9 units/led 4 Amn/organized BW fund raiser...max'd 6K base prsnl spt opportunity

- Arm twister! 100% contact incl deploy'd, forced 99% contrib--best base CFC rate/highest ever for Minot AFB

- Sq's CFC representative, ensured 100% personal contact--wg earned $303K/surpassed established goal 30%

- Alternate key person for CFC; contacted 12 personnel/collected $42 towards CFC--ensured continuous support

- Managed flight CFC fundraiser; organized event/12 vols--raised $364/Sq collected $13K to support campaign

- Division CFC representative--raised over $1.7K in 1st week--exceeded goal expectations for various charities

- Led unit CFC donation drive; contributed to $260K in donation for 1062 charities by 3 WG; most raised in AK

- Flt CFC rep; 100% contact of 179 staff mbrs/$810 contributed to base target of $182K--exceeded goal by 34%

- Supported 3rd annual POW/MIA 24-hr vigil run--nine tracks/7.2K runners/18K miles/$17.5K raised for CFC

- Flight coordinator for Combined Federal Campaign fund-raiser--netted over $800--achieved 114% of goal

- Donated to Combined Federal Campaign; $123K raised--contributions helped exceed wing donation goal 37%

- Volunteered as CFC flt representative; 100% contact made in one week/raised $13K--promoted esprit de corps

- Flt CFC rep; contacted 50 mbrs accounted for $3.8K--bolstered funding of federal employee charity donations

Air Force Assistance Fund/AFAF

- Spearheaded FY2012 AFAF campaign; made contact with four 43d AG agencies--recieved $2K+ in donations

- Vol'd as AFAF POC; aided prgm raise $138.5K--achieved 112% of goal/highest fundraising to date for WG

- Sq Air Force Assistance Fund representative; collected $4.1K--surpassed goal by 60%/sustained nat'l charity

- Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign representative--100% personnel contacted--base raised over $174,000

- Assisted with Air Force Assistance Fund--helped unit raise over $18K--148% over unit goal of just over $7K

Unit Advisory Council/UAC/Top 3 Fundraisers

- Aided 5/6 booster council; organized 8 Amn/led food & drink booth--raised $10K/efforts enhanced NCO community

- Active member of sq UAAC; raised over $6K in funds this year--morale boosting actvities enjoyed by all!

- Amn Council mbr; teamed w/AFSA; vol'd 2 hrs t/holiday fundraiser--raised $248 f/VFW/Disabled Vets pgm

- Aided w/ EMS Top 4 phone book fund-raiser; 4K+ books delivered; efforts raised $5K+ for morale prgms

- Spt'd Sq fundraising event; performed 12-hr security detail for 85K concert fans--generated booster club $1.8K

- Spearheaded six Unit Advisory Council fund-raisers--raised $800--boosted morale for 200+ personnel

- Community hero! Active Top 3 mbr; volunteer for air expo/fundraisers/youth baseball head coach; raised $5K

- Team player! Vol'd for sq fundraiser; devoted 10 hrs to security detail--generated $600+ for sq booster club

- Spearheaded six Unit Advisory Council fund-raisers--raised $800--boosted morale for over 200 sq personnel

- Selfless; 5/6 Alliance Treasurer, worked local school book fair & raised funds for 2 Amn's alcohol-free events

- Assisted during squadron fundraiser; prepared/served burgers for 300 people--raised $300 for sq booster club

- Volunteered 4-hrs for sq Booster club; cooked/served food during exercise--raised $265 for unit Holiday party

- Airmen's council charity volunteer; helped organized Children's Mercy Hospital fundraiser--event raised $3K

Disaster Relief

- Organized school fund-raiser--raised $3,000 for Tsunami relief effort--ensured aide provided to disaster areas

- Led fundraiser; 250 Amn/4K man-hrs/raised $2K for Joplin tornado relief--superb mentorship/AF ambassador

- Supported local disaster relief efforts; worked charity car wash--raised $500 for Joplin MO tornado relief fund

- Organized bake sale for Sedalia tornado victims; solicited 1K pastries from local companies--donated $1.8K

Cancer/Research Fundraisers

- American Cancer Society volunteer--helped raise well over $100,000 for cancer research and development

- Walk for the Cure team leader--led 12 person team--efforts raised over $10K to assist with cancer research

- American Cancer Society advocate--participated in Relay For Life--efforts helped exceed base goal of $100K

- Volunteered off-duty time to Relay for Life foundation Walk-for-a-Cure--earned over $4K for cancer research

- Participated in 5K Mud Run; solicited event sponsors--raised $200K toward Leukemia Research Foundation

- Volunteered for American Cancer society; participated in '10 Relay for Life--event raised $74.4K for research

Christmas Party Fundraisers

- Extremely innovative leader--held off-shift burger burn--earned over $500 towards squadron Christmas party

- Led AGE flt Holiday party committee; selflessly coordinated nine fund raisers--off-set tickets/prizes by $3.5K

- Managed fund-raiser--raised $250--funds offset Christmas party ticket price for over 30 enlisted personnel

- Efforts reduced cost per individual for Christmas party tickets by over 50 percent--over 200 people attended

- Volunteered for sq booster club; worked food booth during '10 air show--raised $950 for annual Holiday party


- Led Sq Red Cross/Alzheimer's fundraiser; secured 150 pints of blood, helped raise $140K--incrsd fundraiser tgt 25%

- DS Morale Committee President; led 8 events/oversaw 6 fundraisers/earned $3K--boosted morale for 41 mbrs

- Projo/9th ann'l WABC biker ride; rallied 330 riders from MAFB/GF/200 mi--garnered $7K f/Cascade County victims

- Spearheaded unit-wide fundraiser; raised $1.7K toward annual 9/11 Remembrance 5K run shirts--surpassed goal 24%

- Partnered w/Rotary Club; oversaw 13 vols/coord'd food vendors/led six mbr security tm--raised $50K for youth camp

- Volunteered 6 hrs w/EFSS; served drinks/food/facility management--raised $2K for MWR events/funded 12 concerts

- Positive AF image! Organized Sodo Cano AB, Honduras Airman's fund-raiser; raised over $1K for orphanage

- Spt'd Women’s History Mo luncheon; sold 250 tickets/oversaw seating & guest list; event praised by lcl Mayor

- Assisted 1st Sgts w/Op Warm Heart fundraiser--raised $15K for Enlisted Widows Home/fellow base Airman

- Steadfast volunteer; supporter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Alaska; raised $1,000 during fund-raising efforts

- Take charge NCO! Managed flight snack bar--raised over $1500 to support unit morale of over 250 personnel

- Fundraising lead for St re-naming/SSgt Griffin/SF Iraq KIA; 10 events/90 vols/raised $15K--awesome tribute

- Organized VA fundraiser; honored mil vets/raised $10K--all proceeds used to improve local VA med facility

- Community minded; PTO vol mbr/fundraiser coordinator--raised $2K improved community's edu environment

- Single-handedly coordinated fund raising golf tournament--raised $10,000 to benefit Oklahoma Highway Patrol

- Single-handedly coordinated fund raiser--raised $10K for youth center--provided an after school program

- RHS Booster Club president; orchestrated 10 unit morale/fund raiser events--raised $2K for kids holiday party

- Coordinated Children's Miracle Network fund-raiser for flight--raised over $900 for challenged children

- Organized pizza fund-raiser--raised $380--sent to local family for medical expenses--eased financial burden

- Selfless individual--organized flight fund raiser--efforts raised $3,000 to aid needy squadron member's family

- Worked 12 hrs for "Haunted Trail" fundraiser; performed skit for AGE flt--successful event generated $5.4K

- Raised $1.5K; vol PTO mbr/coord'd school fundraiser--ldrshp ability improved community's edu environment

- Provided spt for local church garage sale; sold $5K in donated items--funds used to enhance local community

- Supported offbase community, participated in Give a Child a Christmans, raised over $1K during fund raiser

- Volunteer cook for airlift section chili cook-off fund-raiser--raised $300 student/instructor morale fund

- Volunteered as Operation Warm Heart collector; raised holiday spirit/funds for those in need--mustered $9.4K

- Aided Whiteman charities/associations; supported five base wide golf tournaments--totaled $15K contributions

- Contributed 8-hrs to community fundraiser; rang holiday season bell--raised $7.6K for Operation Warm Heart

- Involved in fund raising events; volunteered/participated in two golf tournaments--raised $2K for AFSA/AFAS

- Contributed 8 hours to Wounded Warrior Project fund raiser; set-up/enabled 5K run--exceeded $4K event goal

- Supported Wounded Warrior charity; donated funds/competitor in 5K run--supported wounded soldiers in need

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