3S0X1/Personnel EPR Bullet Examples

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AFSC 3S0X1 is now 3F0X1

- Tracked 1.8K proj'd gains; monitored 350 unfilled ULNs/coord'd w/42 IPRs--ensured AEG deployed requirements met
- Mng'd SITREP; scrubbed 1.5K recd's, id'd/created 28 missing personel files--acct'd f/ 9 Sqs/10 locations/1460 inbound
- Oversaw PERSCO ITEC account; inventoried 25 line items--100% accountability/$7.7K equip readied for next team
- Administered TRs; teamed w/ AFPC & IPRs/fixed 1.2 errors/Id'd 24 unvalidated reqmnts--negated movement delays
- Key to 9x KAF IDF response; CAT rep/liaised w/ CC's/execut'd post-attack accountability f/1.8K--100% acct'd f/<2hrs
- Proc'd 261 PTARs/21 early releases/16 exts/224 delay'd rpt's; coord'd w/ CCs & AFCENT/A1--ensured unhindered ops
- Produced KAF DPDRT reports; levied data trend analysis f/ 146 discrep's--delivered crucial SA to HHQ & AEW/CC
- Education oriented; mastered 6 college courses/3.8 GPA--earned 18 hrs towards BA in Psychology/JanTOM member

- Conducted 11 PRP/5 AUoF unit SAVs; guided effective process results/13 minor errors--validated 100% compliance
- Managed PRP d-base; 56 AF MAPs/monthly analysis; 99% daily accuracy/zero WAPs errors--upheld prgm integrity
- ID'd five Cat-I PCS discrepancies; reported AUoF PCS deficiency five bases, four MAJCOMs--instilled CPI culture
- Co-authored comprehensive UPC/CSS trng plan; integrated personnel data processing 11 units; zero prgm shortfalls
- Processed 200+ PRP/AUoF PCS actions; validated security/coding reqmnts met--flawless PAR doc/processing status
- Coordinated PRP PCS transfer improvement effort; crossflowed thru command--reduced in-processing timeline 20%
- Led FAM PPC corrective action; id'd/reported two PRP personnel coding errors--ensured proper Surety prgm PCSs
- Facilitat'd AUoF guidance change; assisted local monitors/HAF to create resolution--process standardized AF-wide

- Led HNCC partnershp; streamlin'd processing 8.5K prsnl/prevent'd 50 deports--eliminated $325K redeploy costs/fees
- Implemented discrep tracker; educated 9 MPFs on PSDG/fixed 59 contracts--stopped invol seps/recoup'd $3M in SRBs
- Tracked Deployed Forces; accounted 24K total strength/efforts briefed CENTCOM/CC--achieved PERSCO's #1 msn
- Validated perm party prsnl status; analyzed data/assisted food svcs flt notifying mbrs w/DFAC debts--retrieved $50K
- Excelled as NCOIC f/3 wks; mng'd high tempo ops/supv d 6 Amn--catalyst behind 1 awd win & 3 coined f/excellence
  HNCC - Host Nation Coordination Cell

- Revamped Right Start prgm; led 21 briefers/eliminat'd waste/return'd 2K hrs f/war-fighting msns--met CCC directives
- Expedited 58 retention contracts; coord'd time-critical actions w/AFPC/MPF's--secured $2.6M in CSRB entitlements
- Restored delinquent ADPE acct; resolved 7 month oversight/located 36 missing items--averted ROS/recovered $33K
- Aced PERSCO's #1 msn; accounted f/24K DFs/CENTCOM brf'd accurate prsnl lvls--selected f/Diamond Sharp Awd


- Monitored 936 enlisted prom recommendations, 60 withhold/deferred/non-recs--ensured MilPDS/JUMPS data accuracy

- Coord 98 enl monthly increment promotions--validated/upated non-rec's, withhold, & deferred prom eligibility status

- Processed 24 CMS promotion cases--ascertained in concert w/ mbr, AFPC & DFAS Airman's unique pay prsnl data errors

- Processed 400+ AFPROMS actions; vital promo data updated w/in 24 hrs--cut supplemental brds/saved $50K

- Resolved 100+ in-board inquiries; pinpointed issues/teamed w/AOs--corrected 56 discrepancies on-the-spot

- Impeccable management! Enhanced procedures for officer promo boards; enabled notification of 300 selects

- Updated 56+ officer accessions; smashed AFPC suspense by two days--new officer records/pay files done w/o errors

- Authenicated 325+ PRFs & 2.5K records for Col & Maj boards; SecAF compliant--met deadline 1 mo early


- Improved BTZ OI; removed nom limit/reduced write-up to 10 lines--CCs empowered/captured more deserving A1Cs

- Facilitated 2 SrA BTZ boards; coord'd w/2 MAJCOMS/36 units/500 eligibles--107 stripes alloted to deserving A1C's

- Managed quarterly SrA BTZ central base boards--guaranteed unit compliance/prompt commander notifications


- Exceeded the 90% Common Output Level Standard enl asgnmt orders timeliness-- enabled 100% timely PCS outprocessing

- Oversaw assignments; produced 1.1K orders/amendments--$1.4M O&M funds validated w/ zero Cat I discrepancies

- Revitalized AUAB AOR travel rqmt; educated 59 UTRs/773 mbrs travel verified--guarant'd accurate BOG #'s

- Tackled 400 assignments/$3M entitlements; .01% CAT 1 error rate--right people/right place ISO 6.3K sorties

- Mng'd reception of 1.2K PAX/$783K equip; direct'd relocation to 27 FOLs--spt'd 1.2K sorties against ISIS/2K EKIA

- Effectively processed 365 PCS orders w/95% accuracy--enabled $2.2M in entitlements paid to departing mbrs

- Administered 594 PPCs on 245 prsnl assignments--prevented costly errors & potential $10K loss of AF assets

- Admin'd base assignment process; counseled 290 Amn on PCS actions--smoothed transition for psnl/families

- Assisted w/1134 AEF assignment updates in MiLPDS--RAB #1 in USAFE with overall 98% compliance rate

- Processed 2K long/short tour updates/critical for assign't selections; ensured accurate credit in mbr records

- Processed 421 assignments/$1M in PCS expenditures; validated 2K requests to complete orders--98% on-time

- Managed production of 400 assignment orders--secured $3M in benefits & entitlements for departing mbrs

- Expertly processed 72 Palace Chase/Front contracts; assisted in-service recruiters--coined by Recruiter CC

- Administered 594 PPCs on 245 prsnl assignments--prevented costly errors & potential $10K loss of AF assets

- Effortlessly conducted one-on-one assignment briefings w/departing mbrs--ensured smooth PCS moves for all

- Diligently created Relocations Continuity Binder; trained 3 newly assigned--guaranteed zero msn degradation

- Employed long tour tracker; boosted accountability/visibility for 60 mbrs--slashed research/processing time by 50%


- Audited 58 reenlistment & extension contracts; ID'd 8 discrepancies--zero pay interruptions/86% accuracy rate

- Coord/tracked 136 reenlistment/extensions w/home station MPS--secured entitlements/SRBs w/100% accuracy

- Prepared for R12 migration; dev'd manual reenlistment process--minimized service interruption for 7.5K custs

- Detail oriented! Identified 22 reenlistment contract administrative errors--corrected potential pay deficiencies

- Oversaw Selective Reenlistment Prgm: coordinated with DFAS/AFPC-44 pay issues rectified/$1M

- Id'd 34 date of separation mismatches; verified & updated correct info--ensured 100% MilPDS data integrity

- Processed 150 separations & 85 retirements--aided mbrs w/smooth transition from military to civilian life

- Excellent counselor! Trained MPS Personnel on Retirements/Separations procedures--100% CDC compliance

- Processed 5 "Best Interest of the AF" & 3 ETP's requests--enabled mbr retention outside eligibility window

- Dynamic Airman; remarkable addition to MPS retentions section--led retention rates for first-term Amn in ACC

- Updated & revised CSB notification process/procedures; created tracking system--ensured 100% compliance

- CSB/REDUX program POC; 50 eligibles briefed on entitlements--ensured 100% accuracy w/$1.5M dispersed


- Facilitated 858K+ multi-faceted MilPDS data tables--integrated into JIT actionable queries, reporting/tracking tool

- Mitigated JTD errors; ID'd 45 positions w/incorrect PAS/DLOC/SRID--ensured accurate duty/promotion data

- Audited 468 electronic jt mnpwr/prnsl sys rcds; corrected more than 130 errors--system now 100% compliant

- Rectified 390 duty information errors; Airmen postured for promotion/awards/asgmts--bolstered PDS data integrity

- Initiated/managed 40 CMS cases; 1 day in-office turnaround--supported asgn/vol and invol separations actions

- Manag'd CMS issues; accurately updat'd MilPDS--resolv'd XX+ status updates/avert'd negative impact on mbrs

- Processed 40 TR's; 300 referral & 15 missing rpts in MilPDS/CMS; minimum errors--ensured mbr rec updated

- Flawlessly processed 197 MilPDS updates--maintained data integrity/realtime updates w/100% accuracy rate

- Managed CMS issues; accurately updated MilPDS--resolved 29 discrepancies with SGLI & data mismatches

- Meticulously managed CMS files; processed over 37 pay cases--corrected pay issues/inaccurate service dates

- Resolved 90 Case Management System files; dispersed $20K in govt funds--averted negative impact on mbrs

- Oversaw Case Mgmt Sys; coord'd w/DFAS & resolved 144 SGLI mismatches--safeguarded $57M in benefits

- Overhauled CAT-1 reporting; created tracking database/scrutinized 1.6K records--28 errors reported to AFPC

Customer Service/CAC/ID Card/DEERS/SGLI

- Assisted 145+ walk-in customers, 985+ phone calls, 221 email requests--solved/referred crucial personnel queries

- Answered 350 calls/resolved 563 RNT tickets/35 CMS cases; fast track technician--reduced backlog by 30%

- Counseled mbrs, verified and processed 86 SGLI requests & mismatches--ensured $25M coverage for Airmen

- Outprocessed 30K+ warriors/performed 65K sustainment transactions--made certain 100% on-ward movement

- Issued 326 AD/retired/dependent ID cards; prevented undue medical costs to mbrs--TRICARE benefits uninterrupted

- Flawlessly processed 3.2K arrivals/departures--enabled 19 sorties/maintained 100% accountability of 2.6K+

- Effectively processed 365 PCS orders w/95% accuracy--enabled $2.2M in entitlements paid to departing mbrs

- Diligently monitored CAC appointment schedule; resolved 35 deconflicting appts--reduced wait time by 2hrs

- Processed 1385 CACs/1176 dependent IDs/32 agent cards--ensured benefits authorized w/zero discrepancies

- Corrected 150 records in ID card/TRICARE system--alleviated $123K in erroneous medical costs to members

- Superb performer! Processed 500 CACs/150 agent cards/400 FSGLI/600 DEERS records; zero discrepancies

- Repaired/updated 352 DEERS records--established essential health benefits for military mbrs and dependents

- Submitted IAO trouble tickets for access/account modification; swift resolution--zero SQ msn degradation

- Certified 16.8M in SGLI changes; streamlined process completion time by 30%--guaranteed NOK benefits pd

- Managed duty status & leave for 381 STUS and perm. party; coor'd w/ 25 units; ensured 100% accountability accy

- Managed duty status & leave for 406 Sq mbrs; coor'd w/75 FSS; safeguarded 100% accuracy/accountability

- Streamlined leave program; standardized & renamed 500+ electronic AF Form 988--enhanced leave audit/processing


- Facilitated Top III mentoring sessions; acquired briefers--mentored 83 SNCOs on AFIs 36-2618/1-1 standards

- Women's History Month Ldrship Perspective panelist; mentored 20 Amn--promoted shattering AF glass ceiling

- Mentored 23 CGOs; CGO Prof Enhancement Crs SNCO Panel member--increased SNCO/enlisted knowledge

- Facilitated USAFA Ops visit; mentored 50 future ldrs; penned 9 Sq/Wg Team/Ind awd winners--379 EFSS SNCOQ

- Top 3 Treasurer/chaired Wg recog cmte; led 3 ceremonies/synch'd 7 orgs, Wg/CC--recog'd 123 Amn/Sq SNCO3Q14


- Processed over $250K in selective reenlistment bonuses/leave sell--ensured timely payment for enlisted mbrs

- Processed $220M in bonuses/leave sell; payout time reduced by 25%--prompt payments solidified retainment

- Managed IEB Program; updated/requested $85K in entitlements--enabled payment to eligible first-term Airmen

- Orchestrated correction of 30 pay affecting CMS cases; coord'd w/ finance/AFPC--restored data < 1 weeks

- Coord d pay affecting documents w/ finance; expedited CMS processing--secured $129K in SRB entitlements

- Corrected 12 SDAP oversights; liaised with AFPC/Finance to rectify records; resulted in $9K+ overdue pay

- Financial steward; analyzed/forecasted PSD FY13 $3.5K operating budget--guaranteed future mission success

- CSB/REDUX program POC; 15 eligibles briefed on entitlements--ensured 100% accuracy w/$120k dispersed

- Instructed 27 mbrs on AFI guidance/directed changes within SRB/CJR requests--increased mbr career options


- Established gp duty status reporting prgm; updated 500 availability codes--assured 24/7 msn readiness/150 mil mbrs

- ID'd transient out-processing discrep/team'd w/FSV; establish'd req's/3.2K mbrs--improv'd room acctblty 40%

- Prioritized 20 rated/intel positions for summer '13 PCS cycle; USFK postured to execute msn--defended ROK

- Scrutinized 3 AFSPC/A1 directives for cmd need; reduced add l requirements by 2--AFSPC/CC objective met

- Piloted Quality Force Review Board release; informed 15 Sr ldrs on process--guaranteed timely notice to 118

- Led 25 FY14 Force Mgmt prgm briefings; educated 600--enhanced Tm Shaw knowledge/spt'd AF end strength

- FW's FY14 FM mastermind; 200 CC notifications/30 briefs to 850 Amn/QFRB Audit/3 releases--SA on target

- Led transfer & deletion of 186 Army Spt Elmnt-Korea mil auth's; advanced Strategic Alliance 2015 framework

- Flawlessly executed Maj MLR/Lt Col MLR prep; ensured 624 quality PRFs/fair DP allocation across AFSPC

- Tackled short-notice PACOM tasker; Id'd 14 jt planner posn's/info crit to msn accomp--complete 2 days ahead

- Assess'd 677 PIMS-K mil posn's w/ 21 units; verif'd priority fills/mitigated gaps--USFK rdy to "Fight Tonight"

- Expertly staffed UFT packages for Wg/NAF CC review; timely work garnered first-round approvals--3 pilots hired!

- Validated 500+ dty pos#; properly aligned Wg manpower reqs-supt 200 combat sorties &10K mil & Civ flts

- Adept! Quickly fixed discrepancies/updated 153 duty status codes; maintained wing total forced sustainment

- Completed 1K+ 2096 actions/SEI/AFSC level changes; ensured accurate/timely upgrades of career data

- Stellar oversight; updated 500+ duty position/change of asgmt actions; properly aligned WG manpower reqs


- Managed casualty prgm; processed 28 rpts <4 hrs/coord'd w/ 32 bases--preserved critical timeline/NOK notif

- Drove Qatar Reporting Instr re-write; ID'd Jt Info Spt TF uniform/removed AF Form 245 rqmt--saved 1.5K hrs/year

- Coord'd w/ Mil Pers Dirct & 8A/G1; accompl'd 9 Army CSP pkgs within 5 duty days--preserved family unity

- Directed AUAB contractor accountability; authenticated 364 employees & 48 agencies--AF reimbursed $240K qtrly

- Teamed w/ 34 AMU; org'd FOD walks/10 Amn/4 hrs--safeguarded $1.9B B1 aircraft/aided 2K sorties ISO OIR/OFS

- Drug Demand Reduction Prgm Facilitator; notified/tracked 300 selectees--strict enforcement of high vis prgm

- Overhauled Grp BAS/SIK prgm; processed 25 requests w/FSO--secured mbrs $2K in overdue entitlements

- Aggressively monitored section TRs; developed procedures to update MilPDS suspense actions--zero repeats

- Overhauled "Base" BAS program; processed 300 requests--secured members $15K in overdue entitlements


- Led 3S0 WIT Phase I/II exer prep; inspected 12 PDF lines/612 PAX/124 sim casualty msgs--inspection ready

- Synched 20 FW SAV team for 480 ISR; 3 CSS'/6 evaluators & 13 prgms--readied Gp for AFISRA UEI success

- BNR'd to SAV USAFA/MPS by 10 MSG/CCC; 26 prgms evaluated--AFIA rated "in compliance" during UCI

- Supervised Adverse Actions self inspection; scrutinized 163 UIFs; rcvd "Outstanding" rating on legal review

- Performed UCC duties during Exer; relayed alarm conditions/mop lvls/situation reporting; vital to msn success

- IGEMS Team Chief; creat'd/assess'd 3 unit Compliance Inspections--id'd 43 shortfalls/averted potential msn failures

- Attended Silver Flag training exercise; best possible preparation for wartime role as PERSCO Team member

- Conducted MICT cross insp; val'd 120 checklist items/ID'd 14 errors/corrected 8 observations--unit insp ready

- Led BCEE team during 2013 AETC CUI! CSS inspectors identified zero findings--received "Excellent" rating

- Handpicked for ABW SAV; ID'd problem areas/shared insight--FSS secured UCI success w/ "Excellent" rating

- Takes charge! Led 3S0X1 EET Phase II ORI preparations--enhanced unit knowledge/prepped team for success

- Drove flight UCI preparation efforts; aided MPS earning 3 Superior Performers & Wg's 99% compliancy rate

- Conducted 3 unit PRP sav reviews--ensured continuity binders & processes were compliant w/AF regulation

- Performed UCC duties during ORE; relayed alarm conditions/mopp lvls/situation reporting; vital 2 msn success

- Selected as PERSCO team mbr for Exercise Red Flag--maintained 100% accountability of over 1K personnel

- Key Phase II ORE PERSCO mbr; provided prompt casualty/replacement reporting--increased vital msn focus


- Led AOR's lgst PERSCO tm; 1K DEERS trans/acct'd 23K pax/67 E-lv/averted 70 deports--saved DoD $140K

- Launched SQ/CC's Status of Trng mtgs; refocused CDC/UGT/Home Station Trng rqmt's--122 Amn msn ready

- Incredible initiative despite 57% SNCO manning; instituted qtrly Flt Amn/NCO calls--refocused competencies

- Chaired Shaw Appreciation Day; synched food/sports/entertainment--enhanced morale for 3K+ Amn/families

- Spearheaded picnic for AFELM dorm residents; 29 Amn enjoyed food/games--boosted morale/esprit de corps

- Led 379 EFSS/PERSCO Team; 2K DEERS trans/acct'd 31K PAX/88 E-lvs/averted 86 deports--saved DoD $365K

- Selected to fwd deploy as 386 EFSS/FSM; led 19 Amn/8 AFSs/acct'd f/6.7K prsnl/66 GEOLOCs--vital to DCA ops

- Initiated PERSCO reception video; edu'd 600K/enhanced ops knowledge--added to Silver Flag curriculum AF-wide

- Guided Assigns/Rets/Seps reorg; constructed one Relo Section/force multiplied 16 Amn--bolstered prgm efficiencies

- Attained 6 mgt MA sem hrs/3.9 GPA; instructed 11 PDCs; advanced ldrship/followership skills--developed 102 Amn

- Secured 350 MPA days; sustained MPS ops despite 25% NCO/SNCO manning/30K trans--zero mission degradation

- Operated at Formal Training NCOIC level for 195 days; 450+ student pilots met tng susp--trained on-time & msn rdy

- Worked 2 Sq CC Calls; facilitated logistics/set-up digital equip/proffered 62 awds--strengthened peer's morale

- Represented Sq during Wg meeting; chosen 388EMS Airman of the Day ahead of peers--lauded by ldrshp

- Exceptional SMSgt; covered 8-month CMSgt, Grp Superintendent vacancy--inspired diverse grp w/ 40 AFSCs

- Produced results; launched self-inspection program; cemented "Excellent" rating during unit's first PACAF UCI

- Stood up PERSCO team & estab trng--increased DCAPES ops knowledge 40% & team chief knowledge 70%

- A task-oriented, conscientious SNCO--efforts lead to increasing workcenter efficiency and effectiveness

- Took charge as MPS Superintendent; postured 35 to right place w/right person--ensured zero msn degradation

- Superbly managed 3 MPS sect's during SNCO shortage; conducted trng, led UCI prep--met msn target by 100%

- Piloted susp tracker; prvd'd accurate mnthly on-time stats for wg ldrship--id'd/eliminated process deficiencies

Sponsor Program

- Refined base sponsorship pgm; solely tracked 200+ allocation RIPS & reduced redundancy--100% Amn sponsored

- Developed new mbr sponsorship prgm; garnered 100% mbr contact--enabled seemless supt for inbound mbrs

- Revitalized base sponsorship prgm; cut process redundancy/tracking system--100% sponsors appt for 300 Amn


- Evaluations SME; instructed 27 first sergeants on evals processing guidance--catalyst to unit program success

- Revamped prosaic eval tracking prgm; prcs'd 4K+ evals--streamlined processing time from 30+ to four days

- Updated/corrected 600+ duty info/history errors; ensured accurate info updated in MilPDS--0 discrepancies

- Revamped EPR process; transitioned Sq to new VPC sys--facilitated accurate reporting to AFPC for 405 mbrs

- Processed 161 EMS mbr EPRs; loaded/validated accuracy info to sharepoint--ensured 98% sq on-time rate

- Expert oversight of wg evals pgm; processed 786 evaluations/205 decs--96% on-time/beat AETC std by 11%

- Developed innovative dec process/tracker for 1.2K joint/AF awds--fixed >400 dec backlog/recognized SOF warriors

- Task-oriented, expediently uploaded over 600 completed decorations; increased work center effectiveness by 60%

- HQ AFSPC Awards Board Cmte lead; processed 3Q/4Q awds--timely recognition of 104 noms & 15 winners

- Flawlessly processed/suspensed 1100 enlisted/officer performance reports; reduced AFPC return rate by 90%

- Processed decorations for 75 inbound/outbound mbrs; validated tracking log--100% accountability ensured

- Flawlessly processed/suspensed 1K+ enlisted/officer performance reports; reduced AFPC return rate by 87%


- Revamped trng tracker; reconciled 1K docs/certificates for 200+ prsnl--provided flt CC snapshot of WG's trng status

- Created MPS AFTR trng plan; 2 NCOs & 12 Airmen awarded 7 & 5 lvls respectively--ensured timely updates

- Developed RAPIDS SSM continuity bk; guaranteed mission readiness--maintained $1.75M of site equipment

- Facilitated Suicide prevention trng; enabled mandatory trng requirements--increased Sq safety for 304 mbrs

- Supervised/assisted MPS trainers; trained 3 new Amn on Force mgmt--enhanced MPF capabilities by 20%

- Completed 520 hrs of MPF trng; enhanced knowledge of personnel prgms--reduced errors in MPF processes

- Qualified Additional Duty First Sergeant; admin oversight for 60-plus enlisted in MSS and AEW Staff

- Trained as MSS DCG rep; trained to coordinates unit response to emergencies--trusted to make critical calls

- Earned nine upper-level credits toward Business Management degree; education improved processes

- Completed Web Page administrator training; enabled use of internet to disseminate career/benefit information

- Pursued personal education; completed 16 hr Effective Admin Assistance course--trained peers on practices

- Acquired 12+ hrs Casualty trng; reinforced valuable knowledge--enhanced capabilities for on-time notification

- Total team player! Willingly learned DepCon operations--ensured products were pushed during PSM absence

- Completed 30 hrs of MPF trng; enhanced knowledge of personnel programs -reduced errors in MPF processes

- Trained MPS personnel on PERSCO block II & V objectives--enhanced knowledge & CFETP completion rate

- Created MPS AFTR trng plan; 2 NCOs & 12 Airmen awarded 7 & 5 lvls respectively--ensured timely updates

- Developed RAPIDS SSM continuity bk; guaranteed mission readiness--maintained $1.75M of site equipment

- Completed RAPIDS 7.0 cert w/99%; secured systems to meet DOD standards--enhanced section productivity

Adverse Actions

- Revamped UIF program; disc'd/corrected missing docs from folders--legal reviews comp'd, zero discrepancy found

- Supervised Adverse Actions self inspection; scrutinized 163 UIFs; rcvd "Outstanding" rating on legal review

- Meticulously tracked 26 Art 15 actions; MilPDS updated to prohibit erroneous entitlements; system error free

- Managed 52 invol separations w/WG CC approval; mbrs notified in 24 hrs--exceeded AF standard by 15%


- Completed TBMCS training; ensured C2 system fully operational--critical contingency response function

- Completed 2 wk DCAPES crs; maintained 95% test average/finished in top 10%--role model to peers/Jr Amn

- PDF LOGMODF lead during Ex (ALL CAPS EX NAME); processed 176 Amn--ensured 100% on time departure

- PDF Team Lead; verified mobility currency of over 400 mbrs/5 real-world deployments--100% qualification

- Verified mobility currencies & eligibility of 600 deployers--mbrs 100% mission ready/deployed on schedule

- PDF accountability NCOIC; verified eligibility of 240 deployers--mbrs 100% msn ready & deployed on-time

- Rectified 1-year DCAPES scanner system outage; cut 5.8K man-hrs yearly--enabled POTUS-directed BOG accuracy


- Validated integrity of nuclear surety prgm; coord'd/tracked 9 PRP certs--100% verification prior to departure

- Processed 15 PRP perm decertifications/25 certifications; ensured timely processing/appropriate code updates

- Aggressively verified/updated 350 PRP status codes; confirmed codes were commensurate w/job requirements

- Laboriously completed annual PRP audit of 470 e-records; passed 22 discrepancies to CO--0 reliability defects

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