Inspection EPR Bullets

LSET/Logistics Standardization and Evaluations Team

- Corrected 23 write-ups in preparation for LSET activities; aided LRS in achieving 98% for inspectable areas
- Updated 28 binders/built LSET C&SRL guide; instant status history on 207 items--key to LRS's 96% pass rate
- Proven Leader! Selected by LSET team as a Honor Roll/Star Performer; Programs praised by inspection team
- Led by example; attent'n to detail key to sec's prep for HQ ACC LSET--astounding "zero discrepancies" noted
- Selected to augment WR-ALC LSET inspection team...identified shortfalls...ensured programs AFI compliant


- AGE CI lead; expertly mngd 248 self-inspection items w/in compliance; prep'd sq for AMC "Excellent rating"
- Program manager/authored six self insp checksheets...ensured compliance...MXG '08 ORI rated "Excellent"
- Managed all shop self-inspection prgms; surefire continuity--yielded perfect safety/environmental/mx records
- Led MXG prep of MAJCOM LCAP insp/47 personnel in comp of 3K+ insp...LCAP success...best in AETC
- Inspected 4 MXS prgm continuity books...identified/corrected 16 errors...zero findings during LCAP insp prep
- Selected as LAFB LCAP pre-insp team inspector; conducted 1203 insps/33 STVs...ensured "Excellent" results
- MXG lead for '12 LCAP prep; 1.1K evals/37 checklists/four agencies...locked wg's overall "Excellent" rating
- Built self-insp audit; prioritized trouble areas/fixed 18 errors...catalyst behind Wg's '12 HQ LCAP "Excellent"
- Performed LCAP prep; insp'd six sqdns/ID'd 700 issues; QA recognized as wg 'Strength'-49/49 EPEs--promote
- Participated in LSAV insp on 726 MX QA; ensured 100% unit compliance--Mx rated "Outstanding" LCAP insp
- Performed gp self inspection...located/rectified 11 shortfalls...wg rated AETC 10 yr best "Excellent" '08 ORI
- Managed QA flt's self inspection prgm...detected/rectified 18 deficiencies...zero defects noted during '08 ORI
- Led inspectors on MXG self inspection; reviewed/ID'd gp shortfalls...focused leadership/1.2K gp maintainers
- Piloted unit self insp prgm; guided 22 section reps/256 insp items--zero findings in 20 work centers during UCI
- Detailed SI monitor; reviewed/revised 12 acft production policy/appointment letters...prgms 100% compliant
- Revamped self-inspection prgm; tracked 210 critical items through wing weapons manager--100% compliant

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