Wing Inspection Team (WIT) EPR Bullets

- Gp WIT Lead/26 mbrs; develops exer's, conducts insp & comm's gaps to exec staff on hlth & readiness of MDG pgms

- Wing Inspection Team mbr; provided essential support to May '16 exercise--ID'd critical processes needing attention

- CC trusted agent/WIT for base exer; id'd vulnerabilities/provided evaluation oversight--strengthened 10-2 capabilities

- 325 FW WIT evaltr; executed 3 exs/5 scenarios; awd'd '15 ACC CINC Installation Excellence--STEP worthy!

- WIT mbr; trn'd 15 pers on ATSO/inspect'd f/four Wg events--sculpt'd AW wartime readiness/clarifi'd IG sight picture

- Filled NCO posn; led 2 WIT GTC Insp/ID'd 5 discreps--Wg on track w/100% compliance/awd'd CPTS AoQ 2nd Qtr

- Led bi-monthly WIT/SAPM sessions; expanded inspection skill-sets/CPI--fostered positive culture shift for 211 prsnl

- Completed Inspector General Trng Crse; gained vital prgm insight--enhanced WIT footprint in CC's Inspection Prgm

- Led 3S0 WIT Phase I/II exer prep; inspected 12 PDF lines/612 PAX/124 sim casualty msgs--inspection ready

- Developed 187 FW IGEMS trng plan; trnd 157 WIT members on correct input procedures--input errors reduced 75%

- Led 93 WIT to execute CCIP; held 33 meetings/expanded eval skills--reduc'd invalid deficiencies for 3.5K line items

- IGEMS Team Chief; authored 18 post-evaluation CCIP reports--suppli'd senior ldrshp w/150 non-compliant findings

- Cornerstone of MICT trends; id'd deficiencies/149 neglect'd programs--fostered compliance/739+ wg communicators

- Administered five CIMB presentations; created deficiency/trend analysis charts--synthesized CCIP data for 16 cmdrs

- Key player in AFIS; present'd WIT brief/clarifi'd roles/emphasiz'd AFRC guidance--increas'd knowledge for 33 prnsl

- Support'd host-wing CONDOR CREST Ex; coord'd static aircraft/scenario development/WIT prsnl--enrich'd alliance

- Conducted 187 FW natural disaster exercise; evaluated 1400 ANG/TFI members response--solidified WG CCIP pgm

- Assessed and re-vamped CCIP; developed exercise/insp planning folders/checklists--improved pgm oversite by 85%

- Led Wg thru 1st ACC/IG UEI "CAPSTONE" Insp; excelled in all four major graded areas--awd'd "Effective" rating

- Selected as wing safety WIT member; expert guidance key for major accident response exer--safe ops ensured

- Assist'd "Point of Distribution" activation; interview'd 43 DCP pts/saf'd 7.5K wkrs--laud'd "flawless" by WIT

- Oversaw insp of $1M CBRN resp equip; ensured flt 100% msn rdy; acclaimed "best practice" by WIT tm mbrs

- Sq WIT mbr; conducted 3 insps/ascertained FW/CC Insp Prgm; 100% compliant--key to Wg 2015 ACC CINC Awd

- Conducted ATSO trng/301 gp prsnl; WIT cadre expert/1st ever trng based ORE--highlighted CPS shelter capes

- Restructured FARM pgm; consolidated 16 file plans across 3 flts--slashed missing ERM reqs by 25%/picked for WIT

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