Recruiter EPR Bullets

See also AFSC 8R000, Recruiter

Key Duties:


- Production machine; led team in 3rd Qtr in FY18 -- Flight ranked 5 out of 42 operating locations across AFRC RS
- High impact Recruiter; achieved FY18 goal early--contributed to end of year Top Small Flight; 33 Officer accessions
- Key contributor to OA North Operating Location overall team success -- NRS Top OA Recruiter in Training 2nd Qtr
- Mission oriented SNCO; top OA producer at 131% YTD--helped lead team to NRS Top Small Flt for 4th Quarter
- Exceptional trainer; trained three line Recruiters; focused on CC PS initiative -- Unequivocally increased confidence
- Exceeded OA training expectations--accelerated certification has confirmed further growth in responsibilities
- Led by example! Sharp in appearance physically and astute mentally; professional in his conduct at all times

- Mastered IMPACT sales training, completed course in 4 months & crushed cert w/ 94% -- improved sales skills
- Future recruiting leader; completed SNCOLDP training in residence--increased leadership training and capabilities

- Community pillar; volunt'd 52 hrs with local youth, increased youth responsibilities, positive community role model
- Valuable member of RS--acted as informal leader to 3 rookie line recruiters assigned to location--aided NRS msn
- Vol'd 10 hrs to Boys and Girls Club; fostered positive child development--bolstered base/community relations

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