Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT)

- Aced HQ AFRC/A4 MICT inspection; contributed to Sq's "Outstanding" rating; 98.5% pass rate--best in Wing

- AFSO21 event Chair; ID'd process imprvmt/drove real-time status 485 MXG LIs--key to $1.5B F-16 fleet spt

- Among first AFRC units to undergo new MICT inspection; lauded for innovative training program--Effective

- Assisted during ground up flt review/preparation for MICT--inspectors lauded "flight best seen to date"

- By-the-book; 5/5 MICT insps; lauded "administration beyond reproach"--recognized as "Outstanding Performer"

- Championed Sq MICT prgm; inspected 96 checklists/2.4K items--compliance catapulted 56% to 94% w/in 6 months

- Chartered Sq MICT prgm; incorporated 38 communicators/trained 42 assessors/6 workcenters--unit inspection ready

- Conducted MICT cross insp; val'd 120 checklist items/ID'd 14 errors/corrected 8 observations--unit insp ready

- CSS MICT lead; owns 17 prgm checklists/600+ inspection items; id'd/fix 84 discrepancies--solid prgm mx!

- Devlp'd section training manual; reduced trng deficiencies by 40%--praised by functional manager during insp

- Executed MICT evals; inspected 18 items/ensured compliance--efforts led to 379 ELRS earning UEI 'Effective' rtg

- Executed semi-annual MICT evals; inspected and corrected 40 items--ensured readiness & prog compliance

- Lead MICT administrator; vetted 65 self-inspections areas/65 records--ensured 100% CPD compliance to AOG CCIP

- Led 22 signature mgmt/virtual insps; eliminated 22 vulnerabilities--locked down space and cyber info security

- Led Gp MICT utilization effort; trained six squadrons on new inspection software sys--ensured 100% coverage

- Managed Det MICT prgm; managed 10 checklists w/126 items--validat'd compliance with USAF & ACC instruction

- Managed MICT/AFCOLS pgms; oversaw 107 items--zero findings/earned "Effective" rating w/kudos during '15 UEI

- Methodically maintained training munitions acct; 6K+ items, valued $1M--zero discrepancies noted last insp

- MICT admin for wg's largest sq; coded 137 chklsts/6.8K items/cleared 98 obs's/led 38 mgrs--rec'd Excellent '18 SAV

- MICT prgm mngr; audited 144 chklst items/ID'd 28 discreps/resolv'd 3 observations--unit insp rdy/coined by Sqd CC

- MICT SAP program mgr; managed over 50 checklist & briefed critical procedures--ensured program compliance

- MICT sub-AMP manager; ULSO maintained accountability for xx lasers valued > $xxxx--ensured safety stds

- Mission driven; inspected/washed 110 pieces of AGE during Exercise GC 07-1--zero late/frustrated cargo

- Mng'd 2nd CY vSAVs; audited 23 MICT programs/200 chklst discrepancies--expedited SAV report process <6 wks

- PAR Team member during review; drafted routes/maps for PAR sweeps prior to insp--noted by IG "best in years"

- Performed 11 periodic shop equipment maintenance inspections; ensured safe/proper operations at all times

- Primary Shelf Life Monitor; inspected 659 L/I/$5M--ID d 25 expired assets 100% MICT compliance < 1 mo

- Revamped MAJCOM SE MICT guide; streamlined 88 protocols/document stds--10X efficiency surge; adopted at HAF!

- Revitalized Precious Metal Recovery Prgm; coord w/ 7 units/17 train'd--cleared two yr MICT backlog < 1 mo

- Self-Insp Prgm Mngr; scrutinized 332 MICT criteria/guided clinic during TJC insp--gp lauded/received highest rating

- SQ MICT instr; improved assessor/validator efficiency/highlighted stds x1.7K items--compliance raised 50%

- Sq WIT mbr; conducted 3 insps/ascertained FW/CC Insp Prgm; 100% compliant--key to Wg 2015 ACC CINC Awd

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See also: Wing Inspection Team/WIT Examples

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