Air Show EPR Bullets

- Volunteered at Thunderbirds Air Show; raised $1.3K+ for Booster Club in two days--enhanced AF/community relations

- Dayton Air Show Cmte lead; dir'd 5 mbr tm/passenger/luggage loading procs/8 hrs--exec'd safe transportation f/40K

- Showcased JBMDL air show static display; highlighted sq msn/capes--elevated AF image/enlightened 350K on-site

- Patriotic Airman; worked 6+ hours at the TICO War bird Air-show -- enhanced 2k viewers' pride for Armed Forces

- DBC Air & Space Expo food insp; eval'd 20 food booths--enabl'd priv orgs to raise $XK/ensur'd safety of 30K guests

- Piloted '09 Gulf Coast Salute air show setup/teardown...guided 24 personnel...event lauded by 72K spectators

- Augmented SFS/22 hrs; ID'd/detained civ w/contraband--secured 287K Air Show attendees/lauded by SFS chief/CC

- Augmented 16 hrs to HARB air show; aided 7 mbr tm/guided 100K spectators--raised $4K for sqd booster clb

- Rallied/led 2500+ AiTs for repair/restore weather damaged SAFB 75 Anniv Air Show--ensured $$K sales/commission

- USAF Representative! Showcased F-22 at Tyndall Gulf Coast Salute airshow--featured 5th Gen acft to >100K

- Volunteered at DM Open House; operated AF Thunderbirds souvenir booth--$5.4K raised for sq Booster Club

- 14' Air Show volunteer; fulfilled 24+ hrs security, rallied 30 volunteers, setup--selfless acts lauded by FSS CC

- Guided 326 post airshow FOD walk mbrs; inspected entire airfield guaranteed safe departure of performers

- Ambassador in Blue; provided security for HAB air show--showcased AF legacy/safeguarded 500k attendees

- Airshow committee leader--coordinated 10 wpn displays/B-52 load exhibition--success for 9K participants

- Air Boss liaison during Airshow 2010; coord w/venue setup/emergency response personnel; best Airshow ever!

- Voluntarily worked hot dog booth at Wings Over Wayne airshow--raised $1.5K for squadron Christmas party

- Volunteered to work static display during 2*** HAFB Air Show--maintained positive relation with community

- Administered critical oversight of '09 Gulf Coast Salute Air Show food safety; protected health of 65K patrons

- Organized PACAF '09 Air Show security team; provided safe/secure environment--event enjoyed by 5K+ prsnl

- Caring/team player; provided stellar support for Team Osan's Air Power Days '08--shuttled 100K+ visitors


- Team Osan Air Power Days '08 chauffeur; transported 87 distinguished visitors--boosted host nation relations

- Spearheaded Airpower '09 trans requirements; coordinated crew, spectator and support equipment movements

- Outstanding trans spt; prepped Team Osan's Air Power Days '09 vehicles--100K+ spectators enjoy'd festivities

- Endured sun, highest temps of yr, isolated w/o support or water--remarkable restraint, no guests murdered!

- Provided ATC service to 30+ airframes during airshow--ensured safe demonstration of Air Force capibilities

- PA professional! Hosted 15 local reporters thru 4 day air show media event--promoted Beale to 57K citizens

- Performed F-22/F-15 acft engine oil inspections; burned 12 samples in 1 hr--ensured spt of Capital Air Show

- Showcased excellence; selected to participate in Northern Thunder 2003 Eielson AFB, Alaska annual airshow
-- Troubleshot/replaced antiskid valve on Air Force Thunderbird C-130H; alleviated need for recovery team

- Enthusiastic, selfless volunteer for Elmendorf and community activities; exemplified the professional airman
-- Volunteered 20 hours; constructed/supported booth for "Arctic Thunder 2004" airshow; helped raise $3900

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