1A3X1 Airborne Mission Systems

AFSC 1A4X1, Airborne Operations, was merged with AFSC 1A3X1, Airborne Mission Systems, in 2014

Duty Description

- Flies as an Airborne Systems Engineer (ASE) 5; provides in-flight mx on USAF's only 17 RC-135 V/W $250M acft
- Performs preflight & post-flight inspection duties as ASE crewmember aboard RC-135 V/W RIVET JOINT (RJ) acft
- Configures RJ acft hardware & software systems to meet mission rqmts in support of high priority national taskings

- Determines optimum use and trblshooting of 26 radios & 2 data links on board the $500M E-3 acft

Performance Assessment

- Flew 14 trng flts; repaired 10 computer systems/13 ESM/L16/1 IPEC discrep's--enabled 410 ADVANCE trng events

- Developed SCM training guide; ensured new members were properly trained to manage squadron IT systems

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