1C8X2 Airfield Systems EPR Bullets

AFSC 1C8X1, Ground Radar Systems, and 1C8X2, Airfield Systems, merged to become 1C8X3, Radar, Airfield, and Weather Systems (RAWS)

AFSC 1C8X2, Airfield Systems, was previously known as AFSC 3D1X6, Airfield Systems

- Aced 40-hr SEJPME; applied knowledge/mentored 5 Airmen on JOPES/DCAPES--prepared for advanced ldrshp roles
- Airman of the Qtr, 125th Operations Group, Airman of the Qtr, 125th Fighter Wing; continue to challenge
- Assembled 23 Radar Approach Control operator positions at Sheppard Air Force Base--expanded safety and ops
- ATCALS team chief; spt'd 1st USAFE B-52 msn in 11 yrs--fortified EUCOM theater bomber deterrence prgm
- ATCALS tm chief for world's largest mil airshow; spt'd 26 nations/224 acft--3 British Royalties/48 Air Chiefs

- Committed to education, completed Associate of Applied Science in Airfield Management, pursuing post-grad ed
- Completed 5-level volumes ahead of schedule; new to 125th Ops Spt flt, ambition fueled continuous improvement
- Contributed to the functionality, supportability and installation of the 259th ATC LAN Network equipment
- Coord'd C2 site renovations; oversaw E&I tm/reduced equip footprint--eliminated 4 PMIs/cut mx cost $700/yr

- Depot lvl mx skills! Repaired radio sys sub-component; spt'd Tripoli Embassy evac--156 US citizens rescued!
- Directed high-priority patch; restored tactical wx sensor suite function--primed $102K UTC f/worldwide deployment
- Directed RAFF/M $4M ILS proj; coord'd 7 agency prep/install effort--reduced 128 mx hrs...saved $104K/year
- Discovered elusive radio fault; ID'd/restored signal connection--revitalized C2/enabled >55M lbs fuel offload

- Executed depot-lvl repair; tuned coupler ports, corrected multiple antenna outages--fortified 4-freq GSU rqmts

- Facilitated ILS repair; aided RMC restoral/remote control--enabled 483 AFGSC sorties & 9 State Dept flights
- Flawlessly spt'd 2 week B-52 Ex ANDROID PREFERENCE; 24 acft, 24/7 ops--increased US/UK cooperation

- Governed GSU ILS mx tm; mng'd RF combiner install--renewed sys & enabled POTUS/NATO summit landing
- Governed multi-base parts requisition; procured 11 key TACAN modules <48 hrs--revived $1.3M sys/saved Wg $120K

- Headed GSU ILS mx; ID'd/re-built landline connections--spt'd OEF/HOA/Op IRISH GAME/28 U-2 rotations

- ID'd omitted rqmts f/rwy regrade; drove redesign/prevented ILS outage--ensured sys integrity during $2.5M afld proj
- Improvised w/ avail resources; provided comm services directly ISO 259th ATCS T-1 network lines install
- Integrated 13 radios into secure network; supported launch of 1,300 special ops combat sorties per year

- Key to $40K 335th Training Sq schoolhouse expansion; 40K ft/fiber optic cable installed, increased net 10X

- Led GSU mx tm; oversaw/fixed ATC sys--enabled 8 U-2 sorties/Op OLIVE HARVEST/French Mali cmbt ops
- Led OSS CoC/Scott Spring Fling cmte; coord logistics/protocol/fundraising--honored CCs/pos image f/3K mil families

- Managed 8 tms on 30 TDYs/250 PMIs; upheld 99.9% uptime--enabled 3K sorties for SOCEUR/SOCAFRICA
- Managed crucial airfield comm spare kits; inventoried 59 assets--secured $392.5K fwd supply point account
- Managed short-notice EOD radio analysis; tested/cert'd $75K combat asset--ensured 13 warfighters on-time dplymnt
- Managed time-critical wx sys upgrade; optimized reliability/cut repair time 75%--AMC benchmarked MAJCOM std!
- Mastered NCOIC position; led 6 Amn/2 civilians--planned, executed 139 jobs...prep'd tm for 1C8X2 transition
- Mng'd SMTs; directed ILS baseline/upgraded capes/refurb'd 14 antennas--curtailed TDY 2 days/mx 20 hrs/yr

- Nominated over peers and seleced as Support Workcenter Airman of the Year 2012--limitless mgt potential

- Org'd wg ILS mx plan; re-cabled & cert'd two $800K sys--enabled 14K sorties/secured IFR wx & night flt ops
- Oversaw RMC ILS tm; navigated glideslope repair & coord'd FAA flt insp--37K crew/pax safely disembarked
- Oversaw the $1M upgrade of 27th Special Op Wg CP comm sys; provided critical secure comm for deployed C2

- Phenomenal maintenance; supported 73,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organization flight training hours annually
- Piloted 556 mx actions; directed $5.5M equip ops/2 aflds--bolstered NATOs 34-State Party Open Skies Treaty
- Procured $6.5K cable funding; updated/optimized fiber optic hub--boosted reliability/expanded critical flt control sys

- Recognized imminent manning shortfall; presented contingencies to MFM--strategy utilized to ensure msn continuity
- Resolved lightning detector malfunction; devised tech order update/solution adopted industry-wide--saved AF $300K

- Secured SMT trng; anchored climbing/tower rescue crse--spt'd 2 bases/cert'd 15 prsnl/facilitated 127 mx insps
- Seized self-help proj funding; installed LED panels/saved $6K--decreased energy consumption 90%; zero mx f/10 yrs
- Steered post lightning strike mobile mx tm; directed ATC phone/wx sys repair--ensured zero U-2 msn degrade
- Supervised factory-lvl alignment; optimized 2 wx sensors/validated data--reinforced 352 SOG msn/saved $6K

- Unmatched leader! Team produced MAJCOM-wide impact--UEI Team Award recognition, selected Gp NCO3Q '17

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