3D1X6 Airfield Systems EPR Bullets

AFSC 3D1X6, Airfield Systems, is now AFSC 1C8X2, Airfield Systems

- Managed crucial airfield comm spare kits; inventoried 59 assets--secured $392.5K fwd supply point account

- Contributed to the functionality, supportability and installation of the 259th ATC LAN Network equipment

- Key to $40K 335th Training Sq schoolhouse expansion; 40K ft/fiber optic cable installed, increased net 10X

- Improvised w/ avail resources; provided comm services directly ISO 259th ATCS T-1 network lines install

- Integrated 13 radios into secure network; supported launch of 1,300 special ops combat sorties per year

- Nominated over peers and seleced as Support Workcenter Airman of the Year 2012--limitless mgt potential

- Oversaw the $1M upgrade of 27th Special Op Wg CP comm sys; provided critical secure comm for deployed C2

- Assembled 23 Radar Approach Control operator positions at Sheppard Air Force Base--expanded safety and ops

- Phenomenal maintenance; supported 73,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organization flight training hours annually

- Completed 5-level volumes ahead of schedule; new to 125th Ops Spt flt, ambition fueled continuous improvement

- Airman of the Qtr, 125th Operations Group, Airman of the Qtr, 125th Fighter Wing; continue to challenge

- Committed to education, completed Associate of Applied Science in Airfield Management, pursuing post-grad ed

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