Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation

AFSC 1N5X1, Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation, was merged with and is now AFSC 1N2X1, Signals Intelligence.

- Provided vital updates to national databases; processed over 100,000 ambiguous non-communications signals

- Supervised multi-AFSC team through eight OEF ops; denied 1200+ terrorists safe haven/freedom of movement

- Oversaw high-value insurgent activity msn; analysis prompted two Hellfire missile strikes killing eight insurgents!

- Successfully aided in locating 525 terrorists during 70 OEF/OIF U-2 missions--lauded by JTF 76 Commander

- Lead ELINT training manager on 22 U-2 missions, 1.1K emitters; qualified four new Signals Analysts

- Flawlessly identified over 4,000 enemy emitters--ensured safety of coalition aircrews to operate during msns

- Meticulously mngd theater air assets/personnel movements during 11 conting's/10 exercises; SOF spt ensured

- Planned historic first US/NATO NVG training event; procured $182K in critical equipment used by Croatian SOG

- Expeditiously integrated intel into aircrew's SA during GWOT msns--identified 4K+ possible enemy emitters

- Tracked ancillary trng status for 26 crew mbrs; efforts increased readiness lvls from 70% to 100% in 1-month

- Diligently pursued higher education; finished 12 credit hours toward M.S. degree--earned an incredible 4.0 GPA

- Led team of 16 to set-up/tear-down sq holiday party festivities for 125+; cultivated positive team cohesion

- Led aggressive PDS scrub; validated 5 regions/10K emitters/2K platforms--submitted 2 wks ahead of schedule

- Relocated, trained new Document Exploitation (DOCEX) team in the Multinational Division-Southern Area of Operations-increased the AO's exploitation potential by 50%

- Established a theater exploitation team to exploit intelligence from documents collected by CIA--agile mission support!

- Briefed theater commanders and dignitaries on time-sensitive intelligence during operation; enabled cohesive effort

- Ensured 100% of assigned tasks completed on time, no continuity loss during multiple leadership changeovers

- Analyzed over 300 exploited documents (1,000+ translated pages); provided critical intelligence to tactical commanders

- Managed 6 DOCEX teams in the Multinational Division-Northern Area of Operations--multiplied intel collection ability!

- Directed operations in the Collection Management Section-responsible for over 80 Requests for Information (RFIs) a week during active operations-integral to successful intelligence operations

- Diligent, tireless operator-identified scheduled enemy movement-led to mission generation, success, with no losses

- Increased DOCEX team efficiency in exploiting captured documents/media by 60%

- Integral to success of classified joint operation-increased unit's combat effectiveness by 50 percent

- Authored over 200 DOCEX reports-solely responsible for rising success of derivative missions!

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