Unit Deployment Manager EPR Bullets

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- Unit Readiness NCO, advisor to CC for DRRS/ART pgms/preps 269 assigned prsnl f/worldwide contingency dplymts

- Plans, organizes, prioritizes, coordinates, administers and controls the deployment of unit personnel and cargo
- Develops/reviews mobility plans for deployment of cargo/personnel to meet Unit Type Code (UTC) taskings
- Maintains, reviews and updates personnel deployment records and tracks availability status of 373 personnel
- Compiles monthly Status of Resources and Training Systems (SORTS) data for distribution to wing units

- Acts as liaison for the CC ensuring all personnel and cargo meet deployment readiness preparation requirements
- Provides leadership and guidance to supervisors and members enabling them to maintain the highest readiness
- Schedules deployment and readiness training IAW requirements identified in reporting instructions and AFI



- Coord'd emer wpns tranfer; liais'd w/AUAB/fill'd reqs/itinerary--mbrs sfgrd 475 prsnl/84hr COVID-19 security detail

- Mng'd 7 task'gs; coord'd 9 pers/ $7K eqpt/1,285 total dply'd days--provid'd Sq Nm prsnl ISO 3 COCOMs in 8 AORs

- Led strat planning w/5 UDMs; est'd pre-deployment req's/val'd $650k/34 pax scheduled; drove unit combat readiness
- Expertly prep'd pax for 6 dplymts/4 nations; coord trng w/ 3 COCOMs--guaranteed 16 billet req--zero discrepancies
- Vetted & restructured sq mob folder database; ID'd ~60 errors of mandatory items--secured 100% reqs for alert status

- Stepped up in absence of NCOIC/led 4 Amn/org'd 506 insps/quality controlled 325 assets--bolstered safety/44 pilots
- Overhauled Sq COMSEC prgm; liaised w/ 355 IAO--ensured 100% cryptographic accountability/zero SAV findings
- Led 12 NCOs/Amn across 3 shifts/24hr ops; executed config stds/13K life saving equip--ensured 1K flt hrs/238 msns
- Guided equip prep tm/10 mbrs; expedited spt/6 AE acft/5M lbs cgo--aided HA/DR/Hurricane Harvey--50K survivors
- Engr'd pax O2 re-config; dev'd blueprint f/4.3K-items/$1.95M mod--delivered crit O2 control & dispersal measures
- Drove OJT; mng'd 7 evals/id'd 31 discrepancies/tracked metrics/elim'd trends--enabled 3.5K flt hrs/$2M ACC prgm
- Trnd/cert d 5 psnl w/ survival radio procedures; strengthened shop caps/83%--guaranteed CSAR comms f/ 44 aircrew
- Reinvigorated tng prgm; designed shop SOP/supervised 7 prgms/ID'd 12 errors/fixed 11--corrected ACC UEI findings
- Championed shop reorganization; streamlined 27 workcenter & processes--slashed man hrs/QA findings 60% <5 mos
- Strategic resource mngr; secured $1.5K f/ upgraded equip/tools; advanc'd 3 wrkctrs/spt'd Dual-MAJCOM trng sorties

- Mng'd $2.6M in supply/mobility equip; aligned 119 Defenders to AEF bundles--ensured OCO readiness/COCOM spt
- Authored ART/AF-IT/DRRS reports; relayed vital mission capes to HHQ--exceed'd AF's 97% on time reporting goal
- Primary DTS Reviewing Official; initiated/process'd 53 travel vouchers--val'd $60K in claims/eased fiscal constraints
- Governed Sq ASIMS/IMR prgm; tracked profiles/DHA/vaccines--maint'd & bested AF goal 8% avg/readi'd 146 mbrs
- Overhauled vehicle prgm; coord'd UDI spt/42 vehs for 3 DV visits/enhanced response capes 35%--safed $36M assets

- Selected as UDM by sr ldrs; mng'd /47 dply'd engrs/4 reclamas w/<1% discrep rate--spt'd CCDRs/2 AORs & 5 locations

- Streamlined AFDF prgm f/217 mil; revis'd format/accelerat'd IPR process--adopt'd by IDO/set pace f/MAFB final-out

- Mng'd DRRS/AF-IT/ART prgm; org'd trng items/217 mil, rpt'd to HAF/JCS/AEF ctr--smash'd ACC 24-hr rqmt, 100%

- Fueled HAF Readiness exer; coord'd 72 taskings/216 trng rqmnts/355 updates--prepared 64 dplyrs f/PACAF mobility

- Dir'd $2M OCO acct; eval'd $350K AEF assets/procur'd $275K HST eqpt--rdy'd 217 mbrs f/war, nail'd #1 AF priority

- Modernized unit caps; liais'd w/2 sqs/facilitat'd $1.4M eqpt transfer--amp'd engr TTPs/lethality/24-hr response ability

- Ensured accuracy of 850 AEFIs/61 AFSCs; 100% mil postured for OCO requirements--bested HAF standard of 90%

- Briefed 50 deployers; est'd readiness timeline/coord'd 150 appts w/ base agencies--delivered MISCAP Amn to CCDR

- Sel'd as SABC Pgm Mgr/qualified w/in 10 days; trained 30 Amn f/ 2 MAJCOMs--enabled 14 PCS's/16 Deployments

- Strong UDM--processed 50 pers to 10 worldwide locations--prepared/equipped in support of critical ops

- Skillfully executed Sq UDM duties; processed 325 personnel in/out of AOR--sustained OEF/OND msn rqmt's

- Skillfully managed UDM pgm; garnered XX% on IG eval...benchmarked new Gp stds--lauded by IG as #1 UDM pgm

- Orchestrated amazing mobility machine; processed 37 maintainers/82 cargo increments--zero discrepancies

- Organized/engaged 136 tons cargo/16 pax processed; spt'd four OREs--fortified Wg 2.8K sorties/5.5K fly hrs

- Briefed ldrshp on weekly readiness status; tracked 21 UTCs/372 mobility positions--enabled Spec Ops support

- Mobilized 411 personnel/129 short tons during period--integral to success of four AEFs/six ONEs/15 TDYs

- Mobilized 175 pers; spt'd 15 real world taskings--vital to '13 AFSOC Meritorious Unit Award--promote now!

- Tracked 60 UTCs/373 mobility positions; provided CC up-to-date readiness status--enabled GWOT support

- Tracked 42 UTCs/483 mobility rqmts; cleared MXG/CC's sight picture for HHQ brief--enabled PACOM CBP supt

- Powered Cmd's largest mobility platform; deployed 20 prsnl/$4K in equip/4 AORs--tm rendered care for 20.4K PAR

- Guided 132 personnel deployments; tracked 1K CBTs/produced $132K in equipment--zero AOR discrepancies

- Readied/deployed 42 pers; delivered 6,350 days spting OEF/OND/HOA ops--reinforced C2 for 287 cbt msns

- Filled MSgt billet; UDM resp f/$45k assets/50 pers--deployed 4 mbrs/IGI 16-01 success w/458 pax & 523 tons/cargo

- Increased warfighter capes; 330 personnel/6 a/c ATO rdy--enabled 1st ever PACOM B-1/B2/B-52 joint BAAD msns

- Excellent prog manager; rec'd minimal discp on deployment SAV--enabled 297t cargo movement w/zero frustrations


- Attended HHQ level SORTS class; vital to XX FW's cmbt readiness--assured ACC reports met 100% accuracy

- Completed SORTS Data Handler class; ID'd/fixed unit's manning changes--zero reporting discrepancies FY13

- Augmented manning shortfall; launched XX msns/XX cgo tons ISO Op CRESENT REACH--solidified mx 100% DRR

- Overhauled local MANFOR doc; revamped pers data info--met 352 SOG req/sped up processing time by 15%

- Piloted PACAF's largest med SORTS/ART pgm; prepped JCS msn capes rpt/stats up 78-90%--362 prsnl combat rdy

- Coordinated w/XXX SFS & XP; secured XXX CATM/CBRN slots in advance--primed & accelerated unit msn readiness

- Aided FY17 FHP 1st Look; supplied personnel capes/ensur'd mx/ops trng rqmts match--secur'd $133M FHP approval

Mobility Folder

- Efficient leader; reengineered isolated prsnl recovery info process--solidified Sq compliance to 100% current

- Dissected 55 mobility folders; corrected 61 discrepancies; ORI deployers processed with no folder errors

- Controlled 436 mobility files; corrected 377 documents discrepancies--ensured on-time deployment of 58 mbrs

- Drove mobility folder rvw process; updated 1K rcds/16.6K readiness requirements--compliance soared 35% >2 mos

- Trained 4 Amn on AFDF review; discovered 2K discrepancies--brought 450+ folders to new AFI std in 5 days

- Eliminated 738 mob folder discp, zero deployment processing discp--establish'd working grp/new Wing PDF process

Mobility Line

- Processed 348 Red Horse deployers; isu'd 2K IPE assets/$2.7M error free--ensured deployers combat readied

- Directed IPE bag inspection process; deployed 1K OEF/OND/TSP passengers & issued 2.2K bags--

- Phenomenal IPE line; processed 154 C-1 Bags/prsnl w/in 1hr despite MICAS migration--46 sec avg line time

- Admin'd mass inoculation Ex; sched d 71 personnel/reached 94.8% unit currency rate--bested Wing's 86.7% response

Medical Readiness

- Coord'd annual dental exams; 331 Amn informed of readiness rqmt--ensured 100% MXS mobility effectiveness

- Pre-screened medical readiness for every ORI processor; identified and coordinated fix of 28 discrepancies

- Tackled individual mobility readiness (IMR); constructed database--increased sq IMR rate from 72% to 93%

- Secured UHM trng; new medical scheduling mastered--obtained 100% DRHA compliance/MXG high; beat BW 91%

Short-notice Deployment

- Deployed three personnel for short-notice AEF taskings; spun up in 3 days--zero outprocessing discrepancies

- Coordinated 3 unsched aerovac flights--ensured OIF/OEF wounded warriors recieve timely critical care

- Executed short notice tasker/prep'd 17 pers; evac'd 35K lbs equip for high winds--secured $1.2B unit's assets

- Led bilateral deployment task; processed 10 pers/6.3K lbs cargo--sharpened Greek/SOG SOF interoperability

- Prepped 4 medics for Nepal relief efforts; tm departed w/in 24 hrs/$307K in WRM--provided stability for 27.5M pop

- Led short-notice POTUS support msn; deployed 7-mbr MFST <48 hrs/$178K WRM pkg--tm lauded by White House

- Processed hi-vis tasking ISO US ODR Pakistan; verified/coordinated deplymt rqmts--fortified jt mil int'l partnership

- Executed hi-vis REDHORSE spt tasking; short notice tasking process'd in <3 wks--fortified joint military partnership

Exercise Deployment

- Orchestrated 2x AG DEPLOYEX; propelled XX UTCs/XX prsnl w/0 discrepancies--key to Gp 5th AFOUA/Sq OT4Q

- Coor'd 352 SOG CV-22/MC-130J exercise; deployed 68 pers/70K lbs cargo--solidified gp's cmbt capability

- Oversaw RF 16-2 Ex; mng'd 100 mbrs/467 pc equip--ensured UEI "OUTSTANDING" Executing Msn, AFGSC 1st!


- Guided construction of comprehensive emergency response plan for 1XXXX; stellar plan ready when needed

- Developed mobility equipment/personnel tracking prgm--ensured 100% accountability of deployed personnel

- Authored ART/AF-IT/DRRS reports; relay'd vital mission capes to HQAF--exceed'd AF 97% on time reporting goal


- Devoted 65 hr; mng'd seven sentries/work-site EAL--aided $8.6M ramp upgrade/ensured security for $8.6B B-1 fleet

- Force multiplier--guided move of 60 AGE pieces between classified sites; superb fwd deployment of MH-53

- Streamlined government passport process; ensured availability of personnel for short-notice classified taskings

- Spearheaded annual AFDF review; identified 2K line items...XX% accurate--guaranteed XXX Airman downrange ready

- Tackled priority wpns inventory; 541 items worth $411K/100% asset accountability--beat 100 LRS suspense

- Completed development of 3-ship CV-22 UTC; corrected 100+ LOGMOD equip reqmts--HAF approved UTC


- Enabled AEF trng; scheduled 150+ classes for AEF cycle--159 mbrs fully qualified 2 weeks prior to departure

- Led sq increment monitor trng; ensured pers task-ready--20 increments marshaled/no defects LOGEX Nov '13

- Mng'd MTFs RSVP pgm; briefed 128 AFSC leads on trng status/11K items--gp currency rte 96%/16% above AF std

Ready for Deployment

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