Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) EPR Bullets

- Unrivaled safety knowledge! Conducted 6 SAVs, prepared subordinate wings to excel in their UCI inspections

- Meticulous! Corrected six safety records; ensured 100% supervisor safety trng--prepared flt for upcoming UCI

- Assistant TODO prgm mgr; zero discrepancies noted during '09 base UCI--sq & grp earned "Excellent" ratings

- Dynamic leader, vigorous worker; leadership directly contributed to flt/sq/grp/base 2009 UCI "Excellent"

- Revamped flt's periodic mx prgm; zero errors noted during UCI--contributed to sq/grp/base "Excellent" rating

- Maintained wing's 2nd biggest TO acct--4.5K books; defect free during '09 UCI--sq/grp/base rated "Excellent"

- Managed section HAZCOM program; zero defects during '09 PACAF UCI; factor in 35 FW's "Excellent" rating

- Flawlessly engineered Form 55 Program for 2008 ACC UCI...inspectors lauded wing "Best seen in 3 years"

- BNR'd to SAV USAFA/MPS by 10 MSG/CCC; 26 prgms evaluated--AFIA rated "in compliance" during UCI

- Drove flight UCI preparation efforts; aided MPS earning 3 Superior Performers & Wg's 99% compliancy rate

- Superbly managed 3 MPS sect's during SNCO shortage; conducted trng, led UCI prep--met msn target by 100%

- Key player--Installation Deployment Readiness Cell 2008 UCI superior team; singled out Superior Performer!

- By name req for UCI insp at Minot AFB/5 LRS; scoured pgms/id'd 5 discrep/reengaged dplymnt focus areas

- Created UCI inspection binder; provided "1-stop" question/answer format w/documentation--praised by 12 AF

- AMC/IG spoke! Provided safety presence during ORI/UCI; directly contributed to overall "Excellent" ratings

- Revamped OR&L section; 11 binders/17 tasks zero write ups for pre UCI inspection--lauded by PACAF FAM

- Developed core task tracker; reduced AF trng time 50% benchmarked by sq--deemed best practice UCI inspctr

- Synergistic effect; contribut'd to element success during '10 HQ PACAF UCI; 69/70 of items compliant

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