Training EPR Bullets


- Led bi-annual MTP review w/784 items f/gp ; sync'd w/2 Sq/6 AFSC & UTM SMEs--est'd trng pris f/600 Amn's dvlpmnt

- Tackled negative trends; headed instruction f/four forms doc crses/15 mbrs--increased MXG annual QA pass rt 10%
- Instructed ACC SCR rqmts; trn'd 160 hrs/14 HC-130J crses/cert'd 58 mbrs--enabled 71 AMU's 600 sorties/2.6K flt hrs
- Authored inaugural ABDE crse; developed CCD's f/msn crit ops--enhanced MAFB CDDAR response readiness 100%
- Improved POI design; reduced complicated verbiage f/31 objectives/four CCD's--zero errors noted f/ACC LATT insp
- Utilized AMC E-test system; proctored/executed 159 mx exams/17% of all MTS exams--guaranteed gp's 97% pass rt
- Led AMTES test analysis; inspected 12 crses/ID'd/fixed 18 errors/rewrote six questions--key to CMSAF's trng priority
- Fostered CENTCOM deployment; educated 10 EOD mbrs during base instructor shortage--permitted vital OFS/RSM
- Piloted MXG CPR prgm; executed 57 crses/285 instructor hrs/458 trn'd--vital to wing readiness/9K sorties/13K flt hrs

- Strengthened sq MQT prgm; audited 110 hrs of trng/produced 3 instr aids--facilitated 14% growth in section manning

- Executed first-ever multi mil branch AT training; trn'ed 452nd Defender Airmen on 42 tasks--boosted wing relations
- Established accurate tracking of SF mandatory tng; ensured 100% of 200+ SF are competent & trained-- Mission rdy
- Facilitat'd trng for 120 452 SF mbrs; taught 50+ hrs of 801X family of plns exercises--catalyst behind WIT accolades

Student Status

- Excelled as BMT Element Leader; upheld MTI leadership directives for 55 trainees--bolstered Amn discipline/morale
- Oversaw 316 TRS weekly CQ schedule; trained 27 Amn on positional responsibilities--secured 2 facilities/300 Amn
- Selected Flt Amn Leader; supervised 169+ tech school students/honed mngt skills--recaptured 150 man-hrs for MTLs
- Spearheaded 9 study sessions; mentored 5 Joint service students 27+ hrs--secured 100% pass rate w/2 Honor Grads
- Graduated 6-mo Intel school & 6-mo Joint Cyber Analysis Course; earned 3 skill lvl w/91% avg--top 7%/Honor Grad
- Identified branch trng guide shortfalls; added two steps for Ops accounts--ratified officer process/streamlined trng


- Tm'd w/Fire Department f/trng; instr'd 13 mbrs on underfloor emergency proc's--13 initial qual's/boosted capes >80%

- Actualized OJT oversight; modified 8 MTPs/4K core tasks/7 AFSCs--aligned ACC Cmd rqmts/xxK items f/80 prsnl

- Designed/implemented 2 instr development days; trn'd 30 on 6 ldrshp concepts/3 msns--boosted instr knowledge base

- Authored first-ever 2T2 5 lvl trng plan for SJAFB; trn'ed 567th REDHORSE Amn on 53 tasks--boosted wg relations

- Cultivated branch readiness; trained and integrated three personnel within two weeks--ensured zero mission downtime


- Delivered 1000 instructional hrs; graduated 16 stdnts/7 Q1s/2 DGs 40 days early--2nd ever class with all perfect ratings

- Led all new simulator ops trng; instructed five instructors/evaluators how to use system--able to standardize grp trng

- Cultivated section readiness; trained three Amn on 39 upgrade tasks--increased sections qualification by 4%

- Educated nine new Amn; taught safe for mx/inspection/work cards ops--garnered zero QA personnel eval fails

- Instructed on ceramic tile repairs; performed 11 tile screed coat procedures--saved $60K versus replacement

- Primary instructor for FEMA based CERT training--instructed 15 new instructors and 50 new team members

- Qualified climbing certifier; exceeded AFSC normal rqmts--1 of 2 mbrs responsible for sq antenna/tower trng

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Training/5-Level/7-Level/Shop Qualification

- Strengthened 40 hr upgrade trng prgm; instructed inbound/receiving ops--6 Amn fully qualified <6 mos/72 core tasks

- Accelerated UGT; educated 4 Amn on cargo processes--356 core tasks done 3 mos early...flt "on-time" trng rose 15%

- Accomplished 5 level CDC upgrade trng; completed 126 task/six volumes in <10 months--bested 12 month std

- Achieved 7-level; completed on-the-job training 2.5 months early--enhanced LO workcenter efficiency by 2%

- Maintained aggressive study regimen; ko'd four CDC volumes in 21 days--completed three months ahead peers

- Mastered 80 hr HAZMAT prep course; achieved 95% on EOC exam--expertise key to deployment/mobility readiness

- Tech school stand-out; educated on LO/sheet metal repairs--averaged >90% on EOC's/smashed AETC avg

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Training Program Development

- Created new sq PA team trng plan; qual'd 10 prsnl--620 man-hr/yr extra duty now manageable/shared by shops

- Engaged in LO training day; expanded OJT/Training Business Area requirements--reduced sections errors 10%

- Hosted annual LO cross-talk; briefed 40 B-2 engineers on 36 process issues--enhanced public speaking ability

- Organized 604 ASOS fld trng exer; trained 14 TACPs radio troubleshooting--amped controller effectiveness

- Strengthened 40 hr upgrade trng pgm; taught inbound/receiving ops--three mbrs fully qual'd <6 mos/116 core tasks

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Training/Self Improvement/Job

- Acquired task specific training; mastered tape cutting equipment methods--reduced tape detail fabrication 20%

- Completed 40-hr Thales PRC-148 mx/ops software courses; honed mx skills--drove 100% shop task coverage

- Educated on aft deck inspection; applied ceramic putty to three tiles--alleviated $35K in replacement costs

- Participated in Sigma Tier-One class; learned LO resistance inspection--boosted section task knowledge 15%

- Trained on B-2 end-of-week assessment; identified/corrected 28 deficiencies--ensured 100% sortie generation

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- Aggressively completed 6-hrs study tips seminar/communication skills courses--enhanced personal readiness

- Attended 4 Lenses development crs; improved understanding of personality traits--poised for supervisor role

- Completed 3 Microsoft computer courses--shared skills with section instructors--increased effictiveness by 10%

- Continually expands technical expertise/knowledge--completed 80 hr Jet Engine Mishap Investigation Course

- Enrolled in Family Financial Management course--increased ability to mentor his children on financial matters

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PME/Professional Development Training

- Attended NCO Prof Enhancement Crse; gained valuable supervisory skills--prepared for future leadership role

- Completed Airman Leadership school; developed key leadership attributes--sharpened communication skills

- Continuous prof'l development; attended Tng mngr crs w/97% final exam--integrated knowledge tng curriculum

- Dedicated to msn success; completed 3 hrs of "Team Building" training--ensured AGE flt workcenter cohesion

- Read CSAF reading list selection Adapt; applied skills/techniques to job/home life--improved knowledge/QoL

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- Achieved 9 credit hours for Bachelors Degree through Wayland Baptist University; four classes to go--3.5 GPA

- Attacked CCAF rqmts; completed US History CLEP test--earned 3 credit hours towards Aviation MX degree

- Committed to higher ed; attended University of Central Missouri--secured 6 credits/BS in Science Technology

- Goal-oriented; committed 60 hours/completed 6 semester hours towards CCAF degree--maintained 4.0 GPA

- Sets example through self-improvement; completed class toward Workforce Management BA--earned 3 credits

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Training/Job Certification

- Re-certified as HAZMAT preparer; mastered 80-hr crs/earned cert/90% EOC exam--increased msn readiness by 25%

- Accomplished Crew Lead training; led five mbr tm during post phase re-LO--returned a/c FMC two days early

- Certified HAZMAT first responder; better able to respond to and assess accident scenes--96% on course exam

- Completed 8 hr OSHA Safety seminar; led sect in safe working environment trng--eliminated 10 safety hazards

- Fulfilled flight line driving program; attained ramp/CMA qualification; received 100% on airfield map tests

- Secured Unit Security Manager Certification; completed 24 CBT/classroom training--ready for responsibilities

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